The Second Check-up

8 weeks 4 days

Nothing much happened during the second check-up. I've been having these slight lower abdominal pains, either on the lower-left or lower-right and never in the middle. Dr. Wee assured me there's nothing to worry, it's normal to feel some pains every now and then. :)

After the chats, the doctor did an ultrasound. Finally Lloyd was able to hear the baby's heartbeat. :) We are so happy to hear the baby's perfectly fine. :)

Next appointment: 12th of April

The Unscheduled Check-up

7 weeks

Three days after my first visit to my new OB, I scheduled an appointment. This time Lloyd didn't come with me since it's just a pap smear. :)

When I got to the clinic, the doctor checked for infections and did a pap smear. If there is something to worry about she'll contact me immediately after she gets the results.

Then the doctor said that since I'm already there, might as well do a TVS to check the baby's heartbeat. I was like "heartbeat?", coz I was only 7 weeks pregnant then. She said that usually by 6 & 1/2 weeks, there's a heartbeat already. So she did a TVS, and... there it is... my little baby's heartbeat. :) I wanna cry... :)

When I left the clinic, I called up Lloyd immediately and told him what he just missed. Since then he'd always come with me when I go for check-ups, scheduled or not :)

Baby Hannah and Her Rosaries

Baby Hannah's getting big na! I saw her pics sa Multiply nya. She's doing well, but she still needs our help. They're planning to go home na, but they don't have a respirator yet at home.

Baby Hannah's parents made rosaries they can sell to help pay the medical bills. Each rosary costs P120. At the back of each rosary's packaging, this is written:


My name is Hannah Ysabelle S. Cordoviz.
Please include my complete healing in your prayer intentions.

Thank you so very much and may our Good Lord bless you and your family always.

You can check out the pictures of the rosaries here.

Our First Check-up #2

6 weeks 4 days

Saturday, 22nd of February, my second pre-natal check-up. Actually, this is officially the first pre-natal check-up coz I changed doctor.

A co-N@Wie also recommended Dr. Dolly Wee. She was actually my first choice, and from the forums I've read, she seems OK naman. I decided to go to a different doctor the first time because female OB-GYNs are more expensive than male OB-GYNs. But then I realized, what the heck! I'd prefer a female doctor than a male, of course! Plus my officemate (who's also a Filipino) also recommended her coz Dr. Dolly Wee is his wife's doctor and he said that she's good.

So Saturday, Lloyd and I went there 10am. Her clinic's in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, just behind Paragon mall along Orchard Road. :) So accesible! Just cross the street and you're in the mall aready hihihihi! And her clinic's so nice, and not too crowded (compared to the first doctor we went to).

We told her of my history, and she informed me that definitely it wasn't incompetent cervix (the initial diagnosis why i had pre-term labor) if I felt pain... and IT WAS PAINFUL! But she assured me that one miscarriage does not mean that there would be another one. So she advised not to worry to much, relax, take it easy.

Next appointment: 8th of March

Our First Check-up

6 weeks

The day after the hospital visit, I decided to set an appointment to an OB-Gyn that some co-N@Wies recommended. Since I'll be on leave until Tuesday, I set my appointment on that day.

Tuesday, we went to Dr. Loke Kah Leong's clinic. I told him of my history with Dwayne, so he's considering this pregnancy a high-risk one as well. He did an ultrasound (yey! baby's first picture!), and told me that everything looks normal. Gave me some medicines - Florxine and Utrogestan. Florxine is vitamins with Folic Acid. Utrogestan is Progesterone.

On our way home, we realized that his clinic is way too far and not too accessible for us. I do not have anything against the doctor. His staffs are very friendly, he delivers to different private hospitals, and I've read some good feedbacks about him. But still.... too far! So when we got home I scheduled an appointment with another doctor. :) hehehe :)

After the Good News

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was estatic... I'll be quitting my job! teehee! This has been my ultimatum when I started working here in Singapore, that once I get pregnant again, I'd immediately quit my job.

The next day, 14th February, I asked my team lead if we can talk in private. He's also Filipino and I'm comfortable talking to him. When we went in the meeting room, he asked "buntis ka 'no?"... I laughed afterwards hahha! So I told him yes I'm pregnant and I'll be resigning in one to two months time. The project's deadline would be on first week of March, so I told him not to worry, I can still finish my tasks.

The day after, after going out for lunch, I went to the toilet. What I saw really scared me... there were some spots of blood... I didn't know what to do. I don't have an OB-Gyn yet, and I haven't been to any hospitals here. Plus in the office, only my team lead knows I'm pregnant. So while waiting for my team lead to return, I was panicking... I can't sit still! I called up all the OB-Gyns recommended to me, but no one answered. So I called up hospitals, asking them if I should go the hospital or what. The first hospital I called was Singapore General Hospital. The hospital staff told me to go to their A&E. As soon as my team lead appeared again in the office, I told him it's an emergency and I need to go to the hospital. So I took a taxi & went to the hospital.

When I got there... the waiting time is 3 hours! Omaygulay! Actually I didn't know SGH is a public hospital... wahahaha! I should have gone to a private hospital instead... I still stayed there, paid the $90 fee and waited. Lloyd arrived in the hospital a few minutes later. Since I really can't sit still anymore, I asked one of the nurses if there is a special case for pregnant women who's spotting. So she told me to go straight to the nurses cheking the BP, temp, etc. So I went there and they wheeled me inside (I don't know what's it called). From there, wait again! I think I was inside that room for an hour or so. This time Lloyd's not with me... he's not allowed inside.

After the long wait, a doctor checked me, asked me questions like how many weeks pregnant, any abdominal pain, etc. Then he asked for a urine sample so he can confirm the pregnancy. A few minutes after I gave the urine sample, it's confirmed, I am pregnant. So the doctor said they'd have me scanned to check if the baby's OK and everything's just fine.

So one of the staff wheeled me to the other side of the hospital, to the labor department. Lloyd's with me then. When we got there, the doctor did an ultrasound, everything's fine. No bleeding inside, so nothing to worry. Whew! He prescribed some medicines, Folic Acid and Duphaston.

After that, we went back to the A&E department, and wait for the papers I need before we can leave the hospital. The doctor gave me a medical certificate to be on leave until Tuesday next week. After getting the medicines, we went home.

The next week, I went back to work. I sent a message to my team lead that I'd be resigning earlier than expected. So we talked, together with our project manager (who is also a Filipino :D). I told them the condition of my pregnancy. They understood my reason. Good thing the one month notice would still coincide with the project's deadline, so I can still finish all my tasks before I leave. The next day, Thursday, I tendered my resignation. And the countdown begins.....

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