Our First Check-up #2

6 weeks 4 days

Saturday, 22nd of February, my second pre-natal check-up. Actually, this is officially the first pre-natal check-up coz I changed doctor.

A co-N@Wie also recommended Dr. Dolly Wee. She was actually my first choice, and from the forums I've read, she seems OK naman. I decided to go to a different doctor the first time because female OB-GYNs are more expensive than male OB-GYNs. But then I realized, what the heck! I'd prefer a female doctor than a male, of course! Plus my officemate (who's also a Filipino) also recommended her coz Dr. Dolly Wee is his wife's doctor and he said that she's good.

So Saturday, Lloyd and I went there 10am. Her clinic's in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, just behind Paragon mall along Orchard Road. :) So accesible! Just cross the street and you're in the mall aready hihihihi! And her clinic's so nice, and not too crowded (compared to the first doctor we went to).

We told her of my history, and she informed me that definitely it wasn't incompetent cervix (the initial diagnosis why i had pre-term labor) if I felt pain... and IT WAS PAINFUL! But she assured me that one miscarriage does not mean that there would be another one. So she advised not to worry to much, relax, take it easy.

Next appointment: 8th of March


theworkingmom 3/15/2008 11:44 AM  

Hi, Janis! Joey here from n@w and pinaybloggers. Hope your pregnancy's going okay :).

Have a tag for you here.


sujee isturis-sarmiento 3/18/2008 4:17 AM  

hi janis! may you have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

have a tag for you on my blog too.

God bless!


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