Our First Check-up

6 weeks

The day after the hospital visit, I decided to set an appointment to an OB-Gyn that some co-N@Wies recommended. Since I'll be on leave until Tuesday, I set my appointment on that day.

Tuesday, we went to Dr. Loke Kah Leong's clinic. I told him of my history with Dwayne, so he's considering this pregnancy a high-risk one as well. He did an ultrasound (yey! baby's first picture!), and told me that everything looks normal. Gave me some medicines - Florxine and Utrogestan. Florxine is vitamins with Folic Acid. Utrogestan is Progesterone.

On our way home, we realized that his clinic is way too far and not too accessible for us. I do not have anything against the doctor. His staffs are very friendly, he delivers to different private hospitals, and I've read some good feedbacks about him. But still.... too far! So when we got home I scheduled an appointment with another doctor. :) hehehe :)


happy 3/12/2008 6:46 AM  

It's good that it's a healthy pregnancy. :)

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c u there. :)

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