The Unscheduled Check-up

7 weeks

Three days after my first visit to my new OB, I scheduled an appointment. This time Lloyd didn't come with me since it's just a pap smear. :)

When I got to the clinic, the doctor checked for infections and did a pap smear. If there is something to worry about she'll contact me immediately after she gets the results.

Then the doctor said that since I'm already there, might as well do a TVS to check the baby's heartbeat. I was like "heartbeat?", coz I was only 7 weeks pregnant then. She said that usually by 6 & 1/2 weeks, there's a heartbeat already. So she did a TVS, and... there it is... my little baby's heartbeat. :) I wanna cry... :)

When I left the clinic, I called up Lloyd immediately and told him what he just missed. Since then he'd always come with me when I go for check-ups, scheduled or not :)


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