Emergency Check-up

12 weeks 3 days

I woke up early today to cook champorado, since we've been having cereals and bread for the past few days. :)

After Lloyd left for work, I went to the toilet and saw that I had some spotting. It wasn't fresh (red) blood, instead it was a bit brown. I immediately called up Lloyd and told him about it and I'll drop by my OB's clinic. I was thinking of observing it for a while if it will continue or not, coz I'm not feeling any pain. So after we talked, I took a bath and rest for a while.

I called up the clinic. The assistant told me that the doctor will be leaving by 10am, and it was already 9:15! I guess Inna (my sister who's here for a vacation) heard me talking on the phone, and she said "we're going to the hospital?!". While Inna was taking a bath, I called up the clinic again and asked if the doctor can wait a bit longer coz I can't make it by 10. The assistant told me that the doctor can wait until 10:30.

So I called for a cab, but all cabs are fully booked! So we went outside and tried to hail a cab. It was already 10 and we still can't find an available cab! So I called up the clinic and told them I won't make it by 10:30. They told me to just drop by to get my medicines and go to a different OB for the meantime (my OB will be back Monday next week). After that call, we got a cab! Thank God! I told the driver where to go, then I called up the clinic again and told them I'm on the way. While in the taxi, I realized I don't have any money! I think I only have $20 in my wallet, and the clinic only accepts cash or checks. Good thing Inna had some money exchanged yesterday. hahaha!

When we got to the hospital it was exactly 10:30! So I called up the clinic again and told them I'm already downstairs, on my way to the clinic.

When I got in, the doctor asked me what happened. I said I don't know... :( She asked if I was feeling some abdominal pains... I said no. So she did an ultrasound. The baby's doing great! We can see his/her spinal column and ribs! And of course the little flutter of heartbeat. :) When the ultrasound started, we can see the baby's back. Then a few seconds later, the baby moved! He/she was now lying on his/her back and moving his/her arms! I was so happy and relieved to see everything's fine. :) Doctor advised to relax and rest.

Before we left, the doctor injected medicine on me, to help stop the bleeding (I think). Then the assistants gave me medicines to help stop the bleeding, and vitamins (calcium and iron). Then the bill came... by the time we left the clinic, Inna's wallet as well as mine are completely empty! hihihihi!
What triggered this: I guess the house-hunting. hahaha! yeah... we're looking for another apartment coz the current condo we're staying at had a price increase which is way out of our budget! And yesterday was a busy day for me....
  • I had lunch with my high school friend Chale (she's leaving Singapore!).
  • After lunch, Inna and I went to Lucky Plaza to buy pickle relish, and Inna exchanged some money.
  • Since we're already in Orchard Road, we went to HMV, Inna went shopping for CDs and DVDs
  • Went home and rest for a while
  • 5pm apartment viewing at Punggol

Not so busy, right? hehehe... yeah yeah, I know... I should take it easy and just rest. So now, Other than the hospital visit, Inna and I just stayed at home. :)

Next appointment: 3rd of May


armi 4/18/2008 7:35 AM  

Hay salamat nman it's nothing serious. Ingat ka lagiii!


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