Last Day of Work, First Day of Break

Thursday: Last Day of Work

My official last day at work was 22nd of March. But it's a Saturday, then the 21st of March was Good Friday, so no work! So my real last day at work was Thursday, 20th of March. hihihi!

My day wasn't busy at all. I spent the day checking emails, cleaning up files and softwares from my laptop, doing backups. I said my good-byes to the team around 4pm, left the office around 4:30pm and arrived in HQ a few minutes past 5.

When I got to HQ, I went straight to the HR, but I can't find the people I'm looking for! Hay stress! Eventually I saw my HR rep, so I passed all I need to return to her (laptop, ID, etc.). After that, I went home. :)

Friday: First Day of Break

First day without work... I got sick! As in complete with coughs, colds and slight fever! And this was my first morning sickness! Hay...

I went to the doctor (not my OB, just a GP) the next week. The doctor gave me meds which are safe to take during pregnancy. The cough syrup tastes like honey! hihi!

A week after, I felt better. :)


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