Finally! We Watched a Movie!

Last week Lloyd and I watched Iron Man. Nice movie! I enjoyed watching it!

It's the first movie we've watched after soo many months. As much as I want to go and watch movie, I don't want to because of my now uncontrollable bladder. No one wants to watch then stand up to go to the toilet just in time for the nice parts of the movie... it ruins everything! But this time, I came prepared. I only drank lots of liquid from morning till lunch, then in the afternoon, I didn't drink too much. And I promised myself that if ever I really have to go to the toilet I'd really go.

Good thing is, my bladder cooperated the whole time! So now I can watch the upcoming Indiana Jones in the cinema as well! yipee!


malditang bunso 5/21/2008 7:05 AM  

Couldn't find your cbox sis.. tagged you at

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