The Fourth Check-up

16 weeks 4 days

The start of the second trimester... my scary pregnancy period...

We took a taxi going to the clinic coz we don't know how long the travel time would be from our new apartment (yes... we moved. Long story... hopefully I'll be in the mood to post the story... hihihi!).

The first thing Dr. Wee did was took some blood from me needed for the pre-natal test. She used a big syringe with a big needle... OUCH!!!! I really closed my eyes and my fist was so tight and I totally was not relaxed!

After taking blood, the doctor did an ultrasound. She showed us the head, the face, the arms, the hands, the spinal column, the legs, the feet, and lastly the birdie. Yup... you read that right... we're having a baby boy!!! When I saw the baby's birdie, my first thought was "is that the birdie?!" coz the doctor didn't tell us immediately that the baby's a boy. Then after a few seconds she said "here's the left leg, the right leg, and it's a baby boy!" hahaha! I admit, I was a bit teary-eyed but still smiling. When we were on our way home, Lloyd said he was hoping the doctor won't tell us what we just saw... hahaha!

Despite my worries, I'm still sooooo happpyy!!!

Next appointment: 31st of May


malditang bunso 5/19/2008 2:47 AM  

Hey sis! Musta? Congrats and happy to read that you're preggy.

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