Two days ago, Lloyd and I went out on a date. We watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. After watching the movie, we tried this restaurant in Raffles City Shopping Centre (sorry I forgot the name of the restaurant... ). It's sort of like a buffet, once you enter the restaurant they will give you this card, and whatever you get from the buffet will be charged to that card.

So anyway, I ordered ebi tempura. Shocks, one order has three pieces of tempura! And no rice! So I ordered another food... beef teriyaki. Lloyd ordered sukiyaki. When we got our food, we started eating. Yummy! I finished two tempuras, Lloyd ate one. Then I ate the beef teriyaki, which is a bit bigger than my hand (open). Lloyd just ate the sukiyaki and one to two slices of the teriyaki. After that... dessert! I ordered banana & chocolate crepe... hay heaven! Lloyd was so full already, he just got bits of the crepe (without the banana & chocolate). Me.... i finished the whole thing! hihihi!


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