My Cravings for Japanese Crepe

When I was in Japan years ago, my friend/housemate/officemate Joan and I were introduced to Japanese crepe by our Filipino friends in Toyota City. It was in Nagoya, and it was just a very small stall. They'd make the crepe right in front of you. I'd always order their strawberry crepe with fresh cream and chocolate syrup.... yummy!

Japanese crepe tastes different coz whatever they're using for the crepe, the cream & everything else they put in the crepe, it has just the right sweetness. Comparing the sweetness to Cafe Breton, Cafe Breton's crepes are waaay toooo sweeeeeet! Don't get me wrong.... I love Cafe Breton's crepes. Whenever Lloyd and I would go out with friends, we'd always go to Cafe Breton for desserts. And sometimes even for the main course! But still, I can't help but think of and look for Japanese crepe.

Since leaving Japan I've always been craving for that kind of crepe, but I can't find anything in Manila .... until we went to Singapore

In Bugis Junction, they have this shop called Crepe House and the first time I saw it I immediately bought one! Haaayyy.... heaven! The cream they use is authentic Japanese fresh cream (aka whipped cream) so they got the sweetness I was craving for. And they're very generous with whatever they put in the crepe. They have two more branches here in Singapore, but I've only been to their branch in Bugis. When Jill and Tita Lara was here in Singapore, we went to Bugis and ordered one with ice cream. And just last week Lloyd and I went to Bugis and of course I bought one! hihihi!

There is another Japanese crepe shop here in Singapore called Mazazu Crepe. I first discovered it during the Japanese and Korean food festival in Plaza Singapura a few weeks ago. They had a small stall during the food festival. They were also using Japanese fresh cream. Mazazu Crepe has a shop in Suntec City Mall.

Just thinking about crepe is making me hungry! There goes my diet! hihihi!

Missing Boy Reunited with His Family

For the past few days, there were a lot of posts from different blog sites and forwarded emails about a missing boy. By end of last week that little boy has been found and was reunited with his family.

The boy's father wrote a letter and thanked everyone who helped their family. YOU ARE MATTHEW DAVID'S HEROES...

Please help this family

Please help this family find their abducted relative. Check the link below for the details and for photos of the little boy.

My New Art Project

This is soo cute! I saw this on a magazine

Cubeecraft is a free site where you can download models of papercraft toys. Their site includes very cute designs like Kermit the Frog, Hellboy and even Indiana Jones! And they post a new character every week!

Hmm... which one should I start with...?

Sick Again?!

Hay! What's wrong with me?! I've been sick these past few days!

Last week I have a backache which prohibited me to move too much, and that included my first try at yoga class! Now my back's a bit better but I'm sick again! I had the flu since yesterday!

Yesterday I felt really terrible. As in I was in bed sleeping the whole day. I didn't even turn on the computer the whole day yesterday! I felt too tired to cook so I just had peanut butter sandwich for lunch. For dinner, I waited for Lloyd so he can cook dinner for us.

Today I feel a bit better (obviously!), but I still have a bit of sore throat. Hay... Lloyd and I were suppose to go out tonight and watch a movie! There goes our date...


This is a looong overdue tag passed to me 5 months ago by Leah.
Thanks very much for these awards!

Now I'm passing these awards to jammy, jacque and jan.

Baby Hannah at 10 Months

Baby Hannah's parents posted new pics of Hannah when she turned 10 months old. She's so big now! You can view her photos here.

For those who don't know, Hannah was born with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS), also known as Ondine's Curse. When she's asleep, she totally can't breath on her own. She relies on a ventilator so she can breath whenever she sleeps. CCHS is a lifelong disease and has no cure yet.

Hannah will be turning a year old next month. Can't wait to see her then.

My Backache

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon to have my back checked.

The diagnosis: muscle spasm.

What do I feel whenever I have muscle spasm/sprain? Stiff! When the pain's at it's peak I can't move my arm. A simple act of reaching for something is very painful already.

Yeah... I know I know... Well, I knew that carrying heavy things can trigger the sprain I had before, and I did too much weight-lifting last week.

Damn gym!

At least doing yoga will be good for me. I hope my back would get better soon!

Leche Flan

I made a bunch of leche flans during Lloyd's birthday. It was a hit!I got this recipe from the recipe book my mom gave me (Elvas Meal Times: Filipino & International Dishes).

There are actually 7 leche flan recipes in the book, but I've only tried #4 (coz it's the easiest). Maybe next time I'll try the others. :)


  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup sugar

  1. Caramelize 1/2 cup sugar in a mold under the broiler. Take it out when the sugar is melted, and tilt to cover the whole bottom surface of the mold. Cool.
  2. Pour mixture into the caramel-lined pan. Steam for an hour. Steam with the mold covered.Un-mold when cool and invert into a serving platter.

I've modified this recipe a bit.
  • The recipe needs 1/2 cup sugar for the caramel, but I'm using less. Instead, I just put enough sugar to cover the mold.
  • To caramelize the sugar, I placed the mold (with the sugar) in the oven toaster, checking it often to see if all the sugar has melted (not burned!).

My First Week at the Gym

To lose my belly fats & extra weight, I've decided to go to the gym... seriously this time.

I've signed-up to Fitness First last Monday. It includes a one day personal training with one of their fitness instructors. I scheduled my one-on-one last Wednesday. I think the whole sign-up thing lasted for 45min, Lloyd was almost finished with his routine when I was done paying! So I just used the treadmill for 30min.

Wednesday morning, my appointment's at 9:30. I was 30minutes early in the gym. So I just read newspaper in the lounge for a while, then did 10min in the treadmill. Rin, the fitness instructor, approached me at 9:30, and we started my routine.

I won't go into the details anymore... but the point here is... I'm sore all over! Even before I started the training, I'm having problems with my right knee. It's like everytime I bend my knee, it's going to collapse. So I told Rin that I can't do too much leg exercises coz my knee really hurst after I did the squats & the bicycle. So we concentrated on upper-body exercises.

I was able to do all the upper-body exercises, but the next day my back's totally painful! It's not my whole back that's painful, it's only the upper-left part (almost near my left shoulder) of my back that's in pain. I had muscle spasm before in that area, and since I'm not feeling any pain there anymore, I thought my back's fine now... but I was totally wrong!

So Saturday, I was planning to join the gym's yoga class, unfortuntely now it's my back & my shoulder that's in pain so I don't think I can do some (or even most) of the yoga poses.

Yesterday, my back pain's not that bad anymore, but whenever I swing my left arm, I'd feel a pop! Until now I can't move my left arm that much. So later I'm going to see the doctor to have it checked, coz I really am in pain!!!!

There goes my dream to lose weight...

I'm Not Depressed

I'm not depressed. I expected myself to be depressed... but I'm not. Should I be depressed?

Two days ago I went for a follow-up check-up with my OB-GYN. She asked me how I'm handling the depression. When I heard her ask that, I didn't know how to answer her. I thought for a while and told her I'm ok.

Of course I cried after the miscarriage. But... I felt.... fine.... I've been wondering for a while why I felt and feel fine. Since then I've been asking myself a lot of questions... Should I feel fine? Is it normal to feel fine? I lost my baby and I feel fine?! Am I being insensitive or am I just numb?! We lost Nathan only a month ago! Because I remember with Dwayne, it took more than a month before I stopped crying myself to sleep.

Hay.... dunno what to think. All I know is I feel fine and normal and not depressed. I just don't know if it's normal to feel normal.

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