My Cravings for Japanese Crepe

When I was in Japan years ago, my friend/housemate/officemate Joan and I were introduced to Japanese crepe by our Filipino friends in Toyota City. It was in Nagoya, and it was just a very small stall. They'd make the crepe right in front of you. I'd always order their strawberry crepe with fresh cream and chocolate syrup.... yummy!

Japanese crepe tastes different coz whatever they're using for the crepe, the cream & everything else they put in the crepe, it has just the right sweetness. Comparing the sweetness to Cafe Breton, Cafe Breton's crepes are waaay toooo sweeeeeet! Don't get me wrong.... I love Cafe Breton's crepes. Whenever Lloyd and I would go out with friends, we'd always go to Cafe Breton for desserts. And sometimes even for the main course! But still, I can't help but think of and look for Japanese crepe.

Since leaving Japan I've always been craving for that kind of crepe, but I can't find anything in Manila .... until we went to Singapore

In Bugis Junction, they have this shop called Crepe House and the first time I saw it I immediately bought one! Haaayyy.... heaven! The cream they use is authentic Japanese fresh cream (aka whipped cream) so they got the sweetness I was craving for. And they're very generous with whatever they put in the crepe. They have two more branches here in Singapore, but I've only been to their branch in Bugis. When Jill and Tita Lara was here in Singapore, we went to Bugis and ordered one with ice cream. And just last week Lloyd and I went to Bugis and of course I bought one! hihihi!

There is another Japanese crepe shop here in Singapore called Mazazu Crepe. I first discovered it during the Japanese and Korean food festival in Plaza Singapura a few weeks ago. They had a small stall during the food festival. They were also using Japanese fresh cream. Mazazu Crepe has a shop in Suntec City Mall.

Just thinking about crepe is making me hungry! There goes my diet! hihihi!


Sheila 9/10/2008 12:53 PM  

Hi Janis!

I also love crepe and Cafe Breton is my favorite!!! I tried Mazazu Crepe just last weekend and ok lang... I still love Cafe Breton. :)

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