My First Week at the Gym

To lose my belly fats & extra weight, I've decided to go to the gym... seriously this time.

I've signed-up to Fitness First last Monday. It includes a one day personal training with one of their fitness instructors. I scheduled my one-on-one last Wednesday. I think the whole sign-up thing lasted for 45min, Lloyd was almost finished with his routine when I was done paying! So I just used the treadmill for 30min.

Wednesday morning, my appointment's at 9:30. I was 30minutes early in the gym. So I just read newspaper in the lounge for a while, then did 10min in the treadmill. Rin, the fitness instructor, approached me at 9:30, and we started my routine.

I won't go into the details anymore... but the point here is... I'm sore all over! Even before I started the training, I'm having problems with my right knee. It's like everytime I bend my knee, it's going to collapse. So I told Rin that I can't do too much leg exercises coz my knee really hurst after I did the squats & the bicycle. So we concentrated on upper-body exercises.

I was able to do all the upper-body exercises, but the next day my back's totally painful! It's not my whole back that's painful, it's only the upper-left part (almost near my left shoulder) of my back that's in pain. I had muscle spasm before in that area, and since I'm not feeling any pain there anymore, I thought my back's fine now... but I was totally wrong!

So Saturday, I was planning to join the gym's yoga class, unfortuntely now it's my back & my shoulder that's in pain so I don't think I can do some (or even most) of the yoga poses.

Yesterday, my back pain's not that bad anymore, but whenever I swing my left arm, I'd feel a pop! Until now I can't move my left arm that much. So later I'm going to see the doctor to have it checked, coz I really am in pain!!!!

There goes my dream to lose weight...


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