Hannah's Thanksgiving and First Birthday Party

Our very short vacation in Manila was the best timing ever. We were able to attend Hannah's birthday party. It was a blast! And it was a blessed day.

Families and friends were present to join Hannah on that special day. It rained a bit, but it never ruined the party. Former co-workers from our previous employer in the Philippines were also present. I was finally able to meet a fellow N@Wie Jacque who did the balloon decors for Hannah's birthday. I also met Jane, Jacque's sister-in-law, who did the wonderful pink & purple cupcakes and the 2-layer fondant cake for Hannah (thanks Jane!).

The best part of the day was when Hannah finally came out of the four corners of her bedroom! Yes! She went out! She was wearing this cute little red dress, and her hair's all made up. She looks so surprised because there were so many people looking at here, smiling at here. Joan and Carlo also looked very happy.

Before the party started, Carlo said a short prayer. He shared to all of us a short version of their experiences since Hannah was born. He asked God to give them, Hannah's parents, a chance to take care of her. I was crying the whole time Carlo was saying the prayer... sorry I'm a real crybaby...

Pictures from Hannah's thanksgiving and birthday party are posted in Hannah's Multiply site. Hannah's parents wrote a short message to everyone who made the event come true. After the short message, Carlo wrote a story about his reflection since Hannah came into their lives. Just thinking about it makes me cry...

I am amazed at Joan & Carlo's courage and strength. I emailed them immediately after reading it. They've surpassed all the hardships and trials for a year, and they will surpass the following years to come. I know they will not lose the faith and courage they have now because there are a lot of people who are here to support them, love them, help them and pray for them.

Hannah really is a blessing from God. I admit, I don't pray everyday, and I seldom (as in once every two or even three months) go to church. But whenever I think of Hannah, I'd always say a short prayer for her and her parents.

Here is a part of Carlo's reflection: Maybe I was wrong in thinking that Hannah badly needs to be healed. Hannah will be the one to bring healing to us all. Maybe not healing of the physical nature. But more importantly, healing of our spirits...of our souls...of our relationship with God.


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