Herbalife vs. iPhone

I know, I know... there's no connection whatsoever with the two. I'm just contemplating which one to prioritize: to get the new iPhone 3G or to buy Herbalife's starter pack?


I told myself a long long time ago that once an iPod phone comes out, I'd get one. I never bought an iPod for myself, although I have an iPod nano which was given to me by my sister (yes... my sister... my YOUNGER sister...). I never bought one because I'd rather have those all-in-one thingies. The past two mobile phones I bought can play music. The first one's a Nokia 6230i, and the second one's a Sony Ericsson W710i which is a walkman phone.

Good thing I'm a SingTel user, so no need to switch to a new number hihihi! For the mobile plan I'm using, the iPhone will cost around SGD 698 for the 8GB and SGD 848 for the 16GB.


I'm trying to lose weight, OK! I'm not really on a strict diet... but I don't eat rice during dinner and I've avoided drinking soft drinks and eating too much sweets.

Despite going to the gym three times a week, I'm not losing weight! Waaaaaa! I have friends who took Herbalife and it really worked for them. They really lost a lot of weight. And I want to lose a lot of my extra-extra weight!!!

Herbalife's Basic QuickStart Program costs SGD 194.15. But my friend who's in the US told me that hers only costs USD 85.80, which is around SGD 120. NOT FAIR!!!

The Verdict

Lloyd will probably not let me buy Herbalife (I can still convince him though hihihi), and I already prepped and psyched him to let me buy the iPhone. So... we'll see... until my next post!


annie 8/26/2008 6:52 PM  

Wow what a choice. Herbalife weight loss diet will make you feel great, I've done it and I know. Iphone will also make you feel great.

Janis 8/27/2008 2:15 AM  

I know! This is complete torture! :(

TheoCoach 10/03/2008 8:11 AM  

Why don't you do both, not at the same time though. You can start with Herbalife and if you see the results you are looking for you and you refer 5 people to your Herbalife distributor he/she could give you your next months program for free. So with the money you save you can buy your iphone.

I've been using and marketing the Herbalife products for 6,5 years and i will be using them forever and today i am buying my new iphone 16GB white...it's about 570euros = 790 US$ (now that's unfair)

Tough choice cause i love gadgets but nothing feels as good health and well-being.

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