Please Help Buy and/or Sell Hannah's Rosaries

If you remember my previous posts about baby Hannah, she still needs our help. She's at home now, and they're just renting a ventilator/respirator that she uses whenever she sleeps.

Hannah's parents would like to be able to buy her own respirator someday. They're selling rosary bracelets which Joan, Hannah's mom, made herself. The rosaries are very very beautiful and you can request to have the size customized (and maybe the color/design as well, of course you need to ask Joan if it's possible). I hope we can help baby Hannah again by buying her rosaries.

If you look at her pictures you'll see that she's a bundle of joy and so pure of happiness! Just looking at her pictures makes me & Lloyd smile. If you won't notice her tracheostomy tube, you'll think that she's not sick at all.

By the way, Hannah will be turning 1 very soon! And here is a letter from Hannah's parents (taken from Hannah's multiply site):

Dear Friends,

July 31, 2008

Thank you so very much for helping us through all the powerful prayers you offered and all the financial support you've shared for our baby Hannah Ysabelle. It is a miracle how much strength she has drawn from your tremendous kindness, compassion, and generosity.

Through the help of families and friends, we were able to discharge her last May 17 from the hospital and transition her to home care. At long last (after almost 9 months), Hannah was finally home! Truly a dream come true for all of us. You can tell by how much Hannah's face lights up every single day in her room that she has found greater happiness at home. And we have God, through all of you, to thank for blessing our daughter with this overflowing happiness.

Hannah is now nearing her 1st birthday and is truly a bundle ball of joy. The impact that she has on both our hearts is simply overwhelming. We never knew how much love Joan and I could feel before God blessed us with Hannah. Thank you Lord for loving us so much!

It's still a long journey ahead for us. We will have our ups and downs, as all others do. But Joan and I could not ask for more. We have Hannah. We have our family. And we have you. All other things become pale in comparison. We will never be shaken in our faith. We will continue to fight the good fight for Hannah. Keeping in our hearts and minds the selfless love you all have shared to a family, who most of you, have never even met.

Again, we can never thank all of you enough for all your help. We hope that we too can be great Samaritans as you were to us. May the Good Lord reward your generosity a hundred-thousand-million fold!

You will always be in our prayers. God bless you and your families always!

Carlo and Joan

Please pass this to your family and friends.
Thanks & God bless!


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