Hubby's Sick

Yesterday Lloyd was not feeling so well. He had a bit of sore throat and colds. This morning, when he woke up he got worst. No fever, but he felt so weak... poor boy...

He slept until around 9am. When he woke up, he's still not feeling well but a bit ok. He requested for squid adobo for lunch, so whatever the sick boy wants the sick boy gets! After lunch he took a nap. Forced him to do it so he can get some rest.

Around 6pm we went to the clinic. Since he was feeling a bit better by then, the doctor just prescribed paracetamol hihihihi!


mace 9/23/2008 2:51 PM  

hope lloyd feels better soon. take care!

Jacque 9/23/2008 8:21 PM  

sis, hindi naman kaya napasa mo ang sore throat whatever mo kay lloyd? hehe. hope he gets well na :)

janis 9/24/2008 3:18 AM  

thanks mace & jacque :) he's better now. pumapasok na ulit :)
i think worst version yung kanya. kc i wasn't able to get sick that bad na halos d na makagalaw... hihihi!

TH 9/24/2008 7:59 AM  

glad he went see doc. if my hubby sicked no matter what he still go work.

Ken 9/25/2008 4:26 PM  

Hahaha, meron pa bang 'Medicol' sa Pilipinas? I remember, it's like a miracle drug 'yun noon when it came out. I think paracetamol lang yun.

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