I'm Sick

My throat's been bothering me for the past few days. At first it was just on my left side and I'd only notice it whenever I yawn. Then it got worse, by Monday both sides hurt... when I swallow and when I yawn... And I feel tired and sleepy.

So yesterday afternoon after going to the gym (yeah, I still went to the gym, but I was there for 30 to 45 minutes only... I was hoping I'd feel less sleepy afterwards, but I didn't), I went to the doctor.

When the doctor checked my tonsils, he said "oh!"... what a weird and scary reaction! hahaha! He said that it was throat ulcer. And I had a bit of fever yesterday when he checked my temperature (that explains the tired feeling?!). The cause? He said might be viral infection. At first he said might be hand, foot and mouth disease... where am I suppose to get hand, foot and mouth disease?

Anyway, he gave me some anti-viral medicines and some lozenges. I hope my throat gets better soon because I already miss having cold drinks! :(


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