Mooncake... with a twist!

While waiting for Lloyd to finish work yesterday, I went to Takashimaya and saw that there's an event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. They're selling mooncakes and other traditional confectioneries.

I'm not Chinese so I'm not giving away mooncakes, plus it's too expensive to give them away (stingy!). So I looked around to buy just one mooncake for myself since Lloyd's not fond of mooncake.

While walking around the various stores, I saw one that really caught my attention... chocolate mooncakes! chocoelf was selling chocolate mooncakes. I tried a piece and I like it and the first thing that popped into my head is that Lloyd will like it because he loves chocolates. Plus they used dark chocolate, which is better! So I bought 4 pieces (smallest box they have).

We were not able to try it when we got home because it was already late. So earlier after lunch, I finally opened it. They look so cute and pretty, I didn't want to slice it at first! Eventually I did...

Each mooncake is only one inch in length and width, and around half an inch thick.

The dark chocolate was yummy! The lotus paste inside is also yummy! Unfortunately Lloyd didn't like it...

Oh well, at least I tried to make him eat mooncake. Now I can have them all to myself. hahaha!


macy 9/15/2008 1:06 PM  

i don't like mooncake either but this chocolate mooncake is interesting ha. im pretty sure in a year or two, gagayahin na yan dito.

janis 9/16/2008 10:48 AM  

may ibang tao tlaga na d mahilig sa mooncake. ako i don't like it that much, pero when there's mooncake i eat it.

interesting tlaga kaya napabili ako :) the person from chocoelf told me na it's their first time to do it :) 3-4x nga ako nag-taste-test before ako napabili... sarap e!

since konti lang binili ko, yung 1piece i still cut it into 4 tiny pieces... tinitipid ko hihihi!

Angelika 9/18/2008 6:20 PM  

I have no idea what moon cake is, I just think it's funny that you said "Unfortunately, Floyd didn't like them..." when the fact that he didn't like them meant that you could have them all! ;-)

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