My New Blog Layout

Notice my new layout? hihihi! Yeah, I am soo happy with my blog's new layout. It's here to stay. No more changes for now (except for the header image, which is easy to change).

One thing I hate about changing my blog layout is the missing gadgets/widgets. Actually even before I started changing my layout, I think I accidentally deleted all my blog lists and other links, so now I'm re-posting them again. Good think I backed-up my blog last week. :)

So despite the fact that my site's nice and clean now, it's still not finished. I still have some links and stuffs to add, but I won't make it look too crowded. :)

Thanks to the following for creating such wonderful stuffs:
  • OurBlogTemplate for this new blog layout. The template I used is called Neuronic, which has a different header image.
  • Smashing Magazine for the blog header. The header image was designed by João Filipe Cunha. I just changed the size and added my blog title.


anna 9/05/2008 6:03 PM  

yup, sure did notice your new layout..nice ! have a great weekend!

Anonymous 9/08/2008 3:56 PM  


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