Strike 1 and the F1 Fever

Jill's here. I picked her up from the airport yesterday. One down, two more sisters to go... hahaha!

Since we both haven't eaten our lunch yet, we went to the airport's McDonald's for lunch. After lunch we went home and prepared ourselves for... Kimi Raikkonen!

I'm not a Formula 1 fanatic (Lloyd is... a bit). I don't have a favorite racer or favorite car or whatever. But Kimi is sooo handsome in person! Lloyd told me the day before that Kimi Raikkonen will be in Paragon Shopping Centre for the Tag Heuer exhibit there. Since Jill is also an F1 fanatic and loves Kimi Raikkonen, Jill and I went there.

We arrived at around 5:30, according to the article Lloyd read Kimi will be there by 7:30. When we arrived, the red carpet's being setup, and there are a few people already standing near the stage. It is true! hahaha! So we went near the stage and waited... and waited.... and waited. Take note: we were standing since we arrived.

7:30pm... we heard people shouting and screaming! He's here! Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of the stage... he passed by the right side of the stage, we were on the left side.

He went directly to the Tag Heuer shop. We thought he'd just stay there the whole time because the interview was held there, and there were just TVs outside to show the interview. After a few minutes of interview and picture-taking inside, he went out!

He was there until 8pm. Before he left, he signed the poster behind him. We were able to take pictures of the poster (but not while he was signing it).

After the event, our legs and feet hurt so much the first thing we wanted was to sit down! But it was all worth it... hihihi!

By the way, some other local celebrities were also there, like Allan Wu and his wife. :)


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