Hannah's Second Article in Inquirer: Fundraising race for Hannah Cordoviz

Hannah was in the news again, in the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Sunday October 19. This time, the author together with some friends did a fundraising for Hannah. The funds will be used for buying Hannah's ventilator.

Below is the article i copied from Inquirer:

Fundraising race for Hannah Cordviz
By Cathy S. Babao-Guballa

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:52:00 10/18/2008

MANILA, Philippines - A month ago, I wrote about the case of Hannah Ysabel Cordviz in this column. I found out about Hannah through my friend Rapa Lopa who spearheads the I am Ninoy campaign.

Hannah is a 1-year-old girl afflicted with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS). CCHS patients are expected to lead long and productive lives provided they get the care and necessary medical equipment required for their day-to-day existence.

The syndrome occurs in one out of every one million newborn babies.

In the Philippines, there are only three known cases of CCHS; the eldest is now 3 years old.

A ventilator is crucial to Hannah’s survival. Her parents, Carlo and Joann are steeped in debt that everything they make now all go into paying hospital bills. They had to quit their jobs to care for her 24/7. A portable ventilator costs P750,000. You can read more about their family’s story on http://hannahysabelle.multiply.com.

When I first wrote about Hannah, my blogmate and friend, Tessa Mendoza Cruz, a physical therapist based in Atlanta, distributed letters to ventilator suppliers in the United States. We prayed for someone to donate a unit or sell it to us at a substantial discount. And God answered our prayers in a really big way!

So, Tessa, Rapa and myself split the anticipated cost and did our own fundraising.

Hannah’s Hundred

On the eve of my birthday, I launched Hannah’s Hundred, a 5K run that I plan to join on Nov. 23. I will be running in a race sponsored by Unicef, aptly titled Walk On The Child’s Side.

It was my coach, Rio de la Cruz who egged me to join this event. There are also a 2K walk for families and 5K and 10K races. The events will be held at the McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig and participants may register at ROX on Bonifacio High Street.

Now, I am no true-blue runner. As of this writing, I have only ran a measly 3K race. I do not expect to win this race, but Hannah is my motivation to run to the best of my ability.

So how does Hannah’s Hundred work?

I am looking for at least 100 individuals who will pledge P1,000 pesos each for the race I will join. Roughly, that is P200 per kilometer since I am entering the 5K category. Each person who donates P1,000 will be entitled to a raffle ticket.

What do you win? A beautiful watercolor painting (17 x 23) called “Hannah” donated by the generous and talented architect and visual artist Joven Ignacio.

By 10 p.m. on my birthday last Thursday, I had hit the half-way mark for my target. I know that in God’s time, I will eventually reach it.

I know that times are difficult but one lesson I have learned over the last few years is when we find the courage to go beyond ourselves, when we step out of the shadow of our own sadness, financial difficulties or whatever problem you have, it is then that the burden lifts and we feel braver and more optimistic about our circumstances. It has always been in giving and placing a cause greater than ourselves that we become more fulfilled.

If you want to be a part of Hannah’s Hundred, please e-mail me at HannahsHundred@gmail.com Excess funds collected by Rapa, Tessa and myself will be donated to Hannah’s parents to help defray the cost of her medical expenses. The raffle will be held after the race, the first week of December.

URL for the newspaper article: http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/lifestyle/lifestyle/view/20081018-167171/Fundraising-race-for-Hannah-Cordviz

After I read this article, I called up Joan and asked her about it. I even told her that someday Hannah will be a guest in Boy & Kris (that was actually Lloyd's idea hahahaha!).

God is so good!

Vacation with an Agenda

I can't help it... I want to blog. hahaha! :P

One of my (actually also hubby's) goals during my one-month stay here in the Philippines is to look for an OB-GYN and have a check-up. We want to know the reasons behind the loss of our babies. Well, actually we already have a reason for Nathan's... but still, we want to make sure...

We are looking for an OB that's easy to talk to, seems very nice and not bossy or mataray, handles high-risk pregnancies (so being a specialist would be better), delivers in hospitals near my parents' house (we only included Medical City and St. Luke's in our list... although I think Cardinal Santos is also ok) and can explain or tell me what we need to do.

I've already been to three OB-GYNs since last week. Seriously, I like all of them because all of them are nice and handled high-risk pregnancies already and also affiliated with the hospitals we wanted. But there are just some factors that made me want to look for other doctors... and I think I already found our doctor. :)

The first one was recommended by a N@Wie. I went to her clinic with my mom Thursday last week. She's nice and easy to talk to. She also has her own ultrasound machine in her clinic. When we went there, she did an IE and a TVS. She ruled out Incompetent Cervix as the cause. She said we just have to wait until I get pregnant again to see what's wrong. I was expecting more checking, like blood tests and all... but nothing. I texted her last Wednesday to ask about other tests, she said we can also do that, so I can come back to her clinic next week.

The second one was the OB of a friend. I went to her clinic three days ago. She's also very nice and easy to talk to, plus she's my friend's ninang. :) She did an IE and said that I had Incompetent Cervix. I was like "huh?!"... I asked her how can you explain the labor pains I felt for both? Plus all the OBs I've been too told me that my cervix is totally closed. I asked her if it's possible that it just opened/became incompetent lately... hehehe.... whatever her answer is for that, I need a third opinion (or even fourth/fifth opinion if you include my OB with Dwayne and my OB with Nate).

The third one... I just went to Medical City's website and listed down all their Perinatologist OB-GYNs, and she was the first one I visited. I went to her clinic yesterday with Tita Lara (bacause she was already in Medical City that time). She neither did an IE nor did a TVS. We just discussed my history. She also ruled out Incompetent Cervix (and Tita agreed to that), but not completely. She just put it last on her list of possible causes. She wanted me to have various screenings (APAS, lupus, etc.). She still will not rule out Incompetent Cervix because she said it is also possible that I had low tolerance to pain, that's why I felt everything (hmmmmm.....). When Tita and I left her clinic, I asked her if the doctor's OK for her (I'm telling you, she has very high standards with everything! Right, Macy? hihihi!). She said the doctor said everything she wanted to hear from my doctor. :)

So there... I guess my search is over. Monday next week, Tita and I (and maybe even my mom) will go to PGH for the screenings (Medical City's charges were too expensive!). I do hope we find the reason behind all these... Wish us luck!

On Vacation

I was so busy with the F1 event & tours with my sisters (plus our last-minute shopping and packing for our trip to the Philippines), that I haven't blogged for a while. Even my emails were swamped I didn't bother reading all of them anymore. :(

October 4 was my sister-in-law's 18th birthday and of course we need to be present to this once-in-a-lifetime event. Before I booked our tickets, I made sure that my sisters will be gone by then (obviously, since no one will be at home if we leave before them :P ). So the plane tickets we booked were for October 3. Lloyd will be in the Philippines until the 6th, I'll stay until first week of November (just in time for All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day and my mom's birthday).

Lloyd's now in Singapore, and I'm here at my parents' house. I won't be blogging for a while (maybe an entry or two at most)... even though I'm not doing anything here hihihi!.

Till my next post! :)

Strike 3 and the F1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

Nikki's here. Three down and off we go!

Nikki arrived 6:15pm last Saturday. Inna, Jill and I picked her up from the airport. We went home immediately and left again to have dinner at Ikea in Tampines. Yummy meatballs and salmon! :) We were suppose to buy the wall lamp our mom wanted, unfortunately the cashiers' queue were so long we decided not to buy anything anymore. It was already 11pm when we got home, so we were not able to watch the F1 qualifying even on TV.

The next day... THE DAY... the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. We went to Orchard Road first because Nikki wanted to buy a Ferrari shirt she'll wear for the race. After walking around Orchard Road, we left and went to City Hall MRT station. Went to Gate 3, the nearest gate from City Hall MRT, and took pictures. Picture here, sit down there... check merchandises here, walk there... :D

We went to the nearest barricade around the race circuit (and with less people) before 6:30PM so we can see the drivers' parade. They were on vintage cars! After the parade, we walked around again and had dinner (there was a hawker center along Connaught Drive near the Cricket field). Then before 8:30 we left again and went to the nearest barricade so we can see them when the race starts. After a few laps (1 to 3) we left again and walked around. :)

When Felipe Massa got stuck in the pit stop (because he exited with the fuel hose still attached to his car), we were in the middle of nowhere! Good thing there was a TV in the nearby bar (note: we were still within the circuit grounds, haven't exited any gates ) and we saw what happened.

After watching what happened to Felipe Massa on TV, we left again until we reached Esplanade. We were able to see Rubens Barrichello's Honda that broke down which was parked near the Fullerton Hotel. Then we went inside the Esplanade for a toilet break.

After that there were just 14 laps or so remaining, so we went back to Connaught Drive and went to the nearest barricade again so we can watch the final lap. When we got there, we saw Kimi Raikkonen's wrecked car! And after the last lap and the drivers are doing their last round waving to everyone, Kimi went out of nowhere! Everyone was shouting! hahaha! :D

Anyway.... that weekend (especially that night) was tiring, exciting, and an event we're glad to be a part of. :)

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