Strike 3 and the F1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

Nikki's here. Three down and off we go!

Nikki arrived 6:15pm last Saturday. Inna, Jill and I picked her up from the airport. We went home immediately and left again to have dinner at Ikea in Tampines. Yummy meatballs and salmon! :) We were suppose to buy the wall lamp our mom wanted, unfortunately the cashiers' queue were so long we decided not to buy anything anymore. It was already 11pm when we got home, so we were not able to watch the F1 qualifying even on TV.

The next day... THE DAY... the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. We went to Orchard Road first because Nikki wanted to buy a Ferrari shirt she'll wear for the race. After walking around Orchard Road, we left and went to City Hall MRT station. Went to Gate 3, the nearest gate from City Hall MRT, and took pictures. Picture here, sit down there... check merchandises here, walk there... :D

We went to the nearest barricade around the race circuit (and with less people) before 6:30PM so we can see the drivers' parade. They were on vintage cars! After the parade, we walked around again and had dinner (there was a hawker center along Connaught Drive near the Cricket field). Then before 8:30 we left again and went to the nearest barricade so we can see them when the race starts. After a few laps (1 to 3) we left again and walked around. :)

When Felipe Massa got stuck in the pit stop (because he exited with the fuel hose still attached to his car), we were in the middle of nowhere! Good thing there was a TV in the nearby bar (note: we were still within the circuit grounds, haven't exited any gates ) and we saw what happened.

After watching what happened to Felipe Massa on TV, we left again until we reached Esplanade. We were able to see Rubens Barrichello's Honda that broke down which was parked near the Fullerton Hotel. Then we went inside the Esplanade for a toilet break.

After that there were just 14 laps or so remaining, so we went back to Connaught Drive and went to the nearest barricade again so we can watch the final lap. When we got there, we saw Kimi Raikkonen's wrecked car! And after the last lap and the drivers are doing their last round waving to everyone, Kimi went out of nowhere! Everyone was shouting! hahaha! :D

Anyway.... that weekend (especially that night) was tiring, exciting, and an event we're glad to be a part of. :)


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