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I can't help it... I want to blog. hahaha! :P

One of my (actually also hubby's) goals during my one-month stay here in the Philippines is to look for an OB-GYN and have a check-up. We want to know the reasons behind the loss of our babies. Well, actually we already have a reason for Nathan's... but still, we want to make sure...

We are looking for an OB that's easy to talk to, seems very nice and not bossy or mataray, handles high-risk pregnancies (so being a specialist would be better), delivers in hospitals near my parents' house (we only included Medical City and St. Luke's in our list... although I think Cardinal Santos is also ok) and can explain or tell me what we need to do.

I've already been to three OB-GYNs since last week. Seriously, I like all of them because all of them are nice and handled high-risk pregnancies already and also affiliated with the hospitals we wanted. But there are just some factors that made me want to look for other doctors... and I think I already found our doctor. :)

The first one was recommended by a N@Wie. I went to her clinic with my mom Thursday last week. She's nice and easy to talk to. She also has her own ultrasound machine in her clinic. When we went there, she did an IE and a TVS. She ruled out Incompetent Cervix as the cause. She said we just have to wait until I get pregnant again to see what's wrong. I was expecting more checking, like blood tests and all... but nothing. I texted her last Wednesday to ask about other tests, she said we can also do that, so I can come back to her clinic next week.

The second one was the OB of a friend. I went to her clinic three days ago. She's also very nice and easy to talk to, plus she's my friend's ninang. :) She did an IE and said that I had Incompetent Cervix. I was like "huh?!"... I asked her how can you explain the labor pains I felt for both? Plus all the OBs I've been too told me that my cervix is totally closed. I asked her if it's possible that it just opened/became incompetent lately... hehehe.... whatever her answer is for that, I need a third opinion (or even fourth/fifth opinion if you include my OB with Dwayne and my OB with Nate).

The third one... I just went to Medical City's website and listed down all their Perinatologist OB-GYNs, and she was the first one I visited. I went to her clinic yesterday with Tita Lara (bacause she was already in Medical City that time). She neither did an IE nor did a TVS. We just discussed my history. She also ruled out Incompetent Cervix (and Tita agreed to that), but not completely. She just put it last on her list of possible causes. She wanted me to have various screenings (APAS, lupus, etc.). She still will not rule out Incompetent Cervix because she said it is also possible that I had low tolerance to pain, that's why I felt everything (hmmmmm.....). When Tita and I left her clinic, I asked her if the doctor's OK for her (I'm telling you, she has very high standards with everything! Right, Macy? hihihi!). She said the doctor said everything she wanted to hear from my doctor. :)

So there... I guess my search is over. Monday next week, Tita and I (and maybe even my mom) will go to PGH for the screenings (Medical City's charges were too expensive!). I do hope we find the reason behind all these... Wish us luck!


macy 10/24/2008 5:28 PM  

korek ka about Dra Lara.

we will be praying for you and lloyd!

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