Men in Uniform

I recently watched an episode of Band of Brothers at home. We bought the DVD box set a few months ago. Although Lloyd and I have seen it before, we still watch it every now and then.

I love watching these war movies… weird huh? :) Is it because I love action movies, or simply because I want watching men in uniform in action? Hahaha! But one thing’s for sure… I love hearing the soldiers’ boots when they walk and when they step/stomp on puddles of water… now that’s weirder! Hahaha!

I recently found out that in the US, the pants that federal law enforcement and police personnel use now, particularly during training, are called 5.11 Tactical Pants. Why is it called 5.11? Based on my research the pants are originally designed for rock-climbing, and the “5.11” means the difficulty level in rock-climbing. Cool! :D

These cargo pants are very heavy-duty and can be used by anyone, not just people in uniform.

The Gingerbread Man

Justin Timberlake was a guest in Ellen DeGeneres' show... I don't actually know when this was shown, but I guess this was a long time ago.

This just made me laugh so hard. Justin's so cute! And he can dance while wearing that costume! hahaha!

By the way, have you watched SNL last weekend, when Paul Rudd was the host? Justin Timberlake was also there... funny!

What Happened the Year You Were Born?

Thanks emz for the tag :)

In 1979 (the year you were born)

Jimmy Carter is president of the US

A major accident occurs at a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island near Middletown, PA

An American Airlines DC-10 loses its engine and crashes seconds after takeoff, killing 275 people

Hurricane David kills over 1200 in the US and the Dominican Republic

Some 90 people, including 63 Americans, are taken hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran

The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

ESPN starts broadcasting

Aaliyah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Norah Jones, Heath Ledger, and Kate Hudson are born

Pittsburgh Pirates win the World Series

Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIII

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Kramer vs. Kramer is the top grossing film

Sophie's Choice by William Styron is published

"My Sharona" by The Knack spends the most time at the top of the US charts

The Facts of Life premiers

JODY - 1977; (your name - birth year)
JOANNE - 1980
GRACIE - 1978
MANDY - 1975
CHRIS - 1976
EDS – 1980
EMZ - 1981
JANIS - 1979

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Today is My Bloghopping Day

It's been a while since I visited blogsites of friends' and online buddies. So today, I'll spend most of the day dropping by their blogs!

By the way... for those wondering if something's wrong with the N@Wies' blogroll and the Pinay Bloggers' blogroll, well there is. Usually if one of the blogs listed in those blogrolls were recently updated, there'd be an "Updated" text beside the name, but now it's not there. I think is having some problems, thus only limited functionalities are available to their blogrolls.

Anyway, that will not stop me from visiting blogs! They're still in the list anyway. Wish me luck! Hopefully I can visit blogs of all the N@Wies and Pinay Bloggers! And all those in my blog list as well... hahaha!

*what a productive day!*

Random Thoughts

So many news this month and I just want to say them all out... mostly about babies (actually, they're all about babies)...

  • Just a few minutes ago, Mean, Eric's wife gave birth today to a healthy baby boy. Eric is Lloyd's co-worker and one of his best friends here in Singapore. Eric texted Lloyd this morning before going to the office and he said that Mean's about to give birth and they're on their way to the hospital. Congrats Mean & Eric!! We'll visit your baby boy when you're home.
  • Last week I texted our real estate agent Jane, who's also a Filipino. She was pregnant the last time we met (around March or April). I asked her if she'd given birth already because she was due to give birth end of October. She called me up after receiving my message. She said she delivered October 15, which was earlier than the due date. And it's also a baby boy. Congrats Jane!! Hope to see you soon.
  • Sorry to ruin your mood with this next entry... Baby Sophie passed away last week. I never blogged about her... this is my first entry about her. Like Hannah, Baby Sophie had CCHS. But she also has Hirschsprung’s disease. I don't know Sophie's family personally, I just found out about her through Hannah's multiply, so I also visit her site every now and then. Sophie is truly a little angel and has touched a lot of people's hearts. I was crying while looking at her pictures and watching this video for her... Let's pray for her and her family. To read more, you can visit Baby Sophie's multiply site or the tribute from Hannah's multiply site.
  • Another baby girl with CCHS & Hirschsprung’s disease, Natasha, was born last month in the US (found out about her through Hannah's site and Sophie's site). Since she's in the US, I think she can get all the medical attention and help she'll need there. But she will still need all our prayers, that despite all the medical help she can get for all these complications/diseases, may she remain healthy and strong and a fighter.
There goes my random thoughts...

A Child at Heart

I’m a Nintendo user since I was a kid. My siblings and I haven’t bought game consoles other than Nintendo. Although I think my sister Nikki bought a PSP, but sold it and eventually bought a Nintendo DS instead.

I think one factor that encouraged us to buy Nintendo instead of other game consoles is because of the games. They have a lot of games that can be enjoyed by all: young or old, girl or boy. They have puzzle games, simulation games, parlor games, etc.

The two latest Nintendo gaming consoles are Nintendo DS Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii. I enjoy playing Nintendo DS games compared to other portable gaming consoles. In my opinion, I find Nintendo DS games girlier, but they also have football and some basketball games. I enjoy puzzle games the most.

Nintendo Wii almost have the same games as the Nintendo DS games, but better. In my opinion, Wii games are more interactive. Some Wii games are a combination of playing and exercising activities. The most popular Wii game now is the Wii fit. You can yoga, go skiing, and even do hula-hoop. I haven’t used one yet, but I like it.

To check out the prices of Nintendo games and gaming consoles, take a look at price comparison online and see which one will be worth your money.

I am so old to be buying these things... but so what? :P

My Sparky Blogger Award

I got a new award!
From April of Doin' The Working Mom Thing.

Thanks April for the very sparky and sparkly award hihihi!

I'm now passing this award to the following blogs:
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