Men in Uniform

I recently watched an episode of Band of Brothers at home. We bought the DVD box set a few months ago. Although Lloyd and I have seen it before, we still watch it every now and then.

I love watching these war movies… weird huh? :) Is it because I love action movies, or simply because I want watching men in uniform in action? Hahaha! But one thing’s for sure… I love hearing the soldiers’ boots when they walk and when they step/stomp on puddles of water… now that’s weirder! Hahaha!

I recently found out that in the US, the pants that federal law enforcement and police personnel use now, particularly during training, are called 5.11 Tactical Pants. Why is it called 5.11? Based on my research the pants are originally designed for rock-climbing, and the “5.11” means the difficulty level in rock-climbing. Cool! :D

These cargo pants are very heavy-duty and can be used by anyone, not just people in uniform.


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