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So many news this month and I just want to say them all out... mostly about babies (actually, they're all about babies)...

  • Just a few minutes ago, Mean, Eric's wife gave birth today to a healthy baby boy. Eric is Lloyd's co-worker and one of his best friends here in Singapore. Eric texted Lloyd this morning before going to the office and he said that Mean's about to give birth and they're on their way to the hospital. Congrats Mean & Eric!! We'll visit your baby boy when you're home.
  • Last week I texted our real estate agent Jane, who's also a Filipino. She was pregnant the last time we met (around March or April). I asked her if she'd given birth already because she was due to give birth end of October. She called me up after receiving my message. She said she delivered October 15, which was earlier than the due date. And it's also a baby boy. Congrats Jane!! Hope to see you soon.
  • Sorry to ruin your mood with this next entry... Baby Sophie passed away last week. I never blogged about her... this is my first entry about her. Like Hannah, Baby Sophie had CCHS. But she also has Hirschsprung’s disease. I don't know Sophie's family personally, I just found out about her through Hannah's multiply, so I also visit her site every now and then. Sophie is truly a little angel and has touched a lot of people's hearts. I was crying while looking at her pictures and watching this video for her... Let's pray for her and her family. To read more, you can visit Baby Sophie's multiply site or the tribute from Hannah's multiply site.
  • Another baby girl with CCHS & Hirschsprung’s disease, Natasha, was born last month in the US (found out about her through Hannah's site and Sophie's site). Since she's in the US, I think she can get all the medical attention and help she'll need there. But she will still need all our prayers, that despite all the medical help she can get for all these complications/diseases, may she remain healthy and strong and a fighter.
There goes my random thoughts...


moongoddesslae 11/19/2008 9:43 AM  

I feel so sad when babies die :(

leidyundercover 11/19/2008 9:45 AM  

news sharing... wondeful

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