Christmas Shopping & Coffee Break

20 days to go before Christmas! Hmm... I think my countdown widget is in a different timezone... :(

I was browsing through my old comments/messages archive and saw that I had a message from Jan. Jan's question for last month's coffee break (yeah! I got it last month... sorry Jan...)

These are the things that I consider when shopping for Christmas gifts:

  • As much as possible I buy affordable gifts and I set a budget for each gift. Although my budget is very small, I still make sure that my gift will not be something cheap :)
  • I make sure that whatever gift I give out is something the receiver will like and will be able to use. If it's food, then it's something that the person can and will eat (considerations to those with food allergies).
  • As much as possible I don't want to give gifts that will just pile up in their storage rooms or somewhere in the corner of their room and accumulate dusts.
  • Before, I don't buy extra gifts. But I learned from my mom that you should always have a back-up gift, just in case you forget a present for someone. So last year I had some extra gifts which I will give out this year. And good thing I did because hubby forgot to include in my list some of his co-workers :)
Summary: stick to the budget; something likable & usable; buy extra gifts


Babette 12/13/2008 10:50 AM  

That's a great idea, to have a back-up gift just in case.

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