Christmas Shopping

We went "Christmas shopping" last week. "Christmas shopping" because what we bought is not for our family & friends, but for the two of us. :)

There was this super-great sale in Gramophone. Gramophone sells CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and some books and magazines. They were selling some stuffs for $1! Imagine! Lloyd, being the entertainment & movie junkie, was in shangri-la! We were able to buy a few stuffs at 40-50% off! :)

Last week also started their Black Friday Deals. It started November 26, and will end today December 2. We also bought some DVDs because the deal is so good that even if you include the other fees for international shipping, it's still cheap! Unfortunately I forgot to include the DVD for the movie 300 which Lloyd told me to buy... I didn't order it anymore because it's just one item, so the shipment fee's not worth it. The total price would almost be the same price as the DVD on sale here in Gramophone.

I told Lloyd to stop dropping by Gramophone now because he might buy something again hahaha!


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