Grandma's Coming Home

My grandmother (my mom's mom) will be going on a vacation in the Philippines! And according to what my sisters and my aunt told me, she might arrive while we're still in the Philippines. Happy happy!

I still have two grandparents, but only grandmothers. Both my grandfathers passed away when I was still a kid. We call my mom's mother Lola and my dad's mother Inang.

I haven’t talked to my Lola for a long time. But she’d often call up my mom in the Philippines, and my mom would often call her up too. Wouldn’t it be cool if grandparents knew how to use a computer and chat with each other in a Free Senior Chat? hihihi! :P

Anyway, back to the good news. :)

I knew for months that she’ll be coming home, but the original schedule she said was around March or April 2009. To surprise everyone, she planned to go home earlier, January 2009. If it’s a surprise, how did we find out? Tita was planning to go here in Singapore on March/April together with Lola, my mom and Tita Nora (family trip in other words). When Tita told Lola about the trip, Lola has no choice. She told Tita that she’ll be home earlier as a surprise. Well, it's not a surprise anymore hahaha!

Tita then told my sisters and also told my dad (because he’ll be the one who’s picking up Lola from the airport) but not my mom. Although one of my sisters told me that my mom already knew. I guess Lola can't contain herself anymore and just "unintentionally" told my mom.

Can't wait to see Lola again. :)

Macy, if you're reading this and you don't know yet, please don't tell Tita you found out from me... hihihi!


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