Hello Telephone?

Most mobile phones now have caller ID. This is very helpful so you’ll see who’s calling you up. That is if the caller is in your address book.

A few weeks ago I accidentally deleted all my contacts from my phone, so I can’t see who’s calling. It really was a hassle and very annoying. More annoying is if someone kept on calling you up and you have no idea who called. Of course I kept on answering my phone because it might be someone I know.

I answered one phone call and he was promoting something (I forgot what the product was, but he had this weird accent… trying too hard to get that perfect English). So anyway I told him I wasn’t interested and hung up. After a few days someone called again, a different person but the same product. Tsk tsk…

I wish there’s a way to Report Phone Numbers where you can check if it’s a legit thing or report it as a scam.


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