I've been reading about this buzz for a while, but never took it seriously. Until I checked PerezHilton.com. I seldom check that site, only when I remember it (maybe around once or twice every two weeks). Then when I did checked it, this is what I saw:

Filipino Version Of Twilight To Begin Production Soon

The news is that ABS-CBN is planning to remake Twilight into a TV series, starring Rayver Cruz as Edward Cullen and Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan. PerezHilton.com even posted this picture: the Twilight poster edited with Rayver & Shaina's faces.

PerezHilton got the news from Yehey.com. Then I searched around for more news and found some from Ezine Max and Twilight (where Ezine Max got the news).

If this is a joke... it's very funny! If it's not...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The movie's nice... the book's nice... the story's nice. Don't ruin it!! People will hate ABS-CBN if they continue with this! Stephenie Meyer! Don't let this happen!!!


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