The Call

Got a call from a job agency a few minutes ago. Told me I got an interview scheduled for tomorrow 10:30 am. Honestly speaking I am really nervous because it's been two years since I had a job interview and more than one year since I got a job.

Still waiting for the agent's email for the interview details. Oh gosh.... wish me luck!

I'm "Studying" Japanese

I've been wanting to study Japanese for a looong time. I've had basic lessons before when I was working. I worked for a Japanese company before and I was also sent to Japan for a few months.

When I was in Japan, I also had some lessons there, plus I was able to borrow a co-worker's Japanese book Minna no Nihongo, but returned it when I went back to the Philippines.

It's been years and I've forgotten a lot of what I've learned before. Now, I want to study again... just in case hubby wants to go to Japan. He seriously wants to go there and try out everything authentic Japanese hihihi!

So now, I'm trying to review what I've learned before and try to learn more. I've borrowed some books from the library, like Japanese Phrases For Dummies. I also have some phrasebooks that I bought a long time ago and I brought it with me here in Singapore.

Wish me luck! Hope I won't be too lazy to open those pages every now and then. :)

Christmas Tree - Last Phase


I can't find a star or angel or any Christmas tree topper. So... the best I can do is to use ribbons. Watchathink? :)

Christmas is Near

Christmas is so near! I can feel it!

Well... not really feel it because it's not getting cold here, it just keeps raining... everyday! But... holiday decors are everywhere. As you can see from my previous posts, I've set up our Christmas tree here at home (although it's not complete yet). Plus I made some cookies to give out as gifts to friends. Yeah... I think I'm getting addicted to baking. hihihi!

This Christmas, most of hubby's co-workers/friends at work will be going home to the Philippines. There will only be a few of us left here in Singapore. So we might have a get-together on the 25th here at home. Hmm... what to cook... what to cook... Of course I immediately volunteered the dessert. hihihi!

Mike's Wish for New Year's Eve

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Syndacast. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's December... time flies so fast. Just a few days ago it was the start of 2009. And now, in just a few days it will be the year 2010 already.

Normally, people create wishlists for Christmas. Like my sister, Nikki, every year she will create her Christmas wishlist and post it in her blog and Facebook page for everyone to see. Her wishlist usually makes us laugh because some are way too expensive, or some are so hard to find. And her wishlist is like usually more than five.

Me, I do not create a wishlist. My only wish every year is for my family to be always healthy and safe and happy.

Unlike most people, Mike Teo also has a wishlist and it's not for Christmas. His wishlist is for new year. Mike has six items in his wishlist for a hot New Year's Eve party. His 6 wishes are:

  1. Disco Roller Girls

  2. GI Janes with Beer Soakers

  3. Beer Fountain with Your Mates

  4. Beer Foam Party with Your Mates

  5. Mechanical Bull Riding

  6. Bungee Jumping with a Santarina

Weird wish? Nah! Everyone has their own preferences.

We can help make Mike's Wishes come trueby voting. Vote for one of his wishes and Carlsberg will grant the winning wish to Mike. And did I say his friends will benefit from this too? Lucky huh? :)

When you vote, you will not only help Mike and his friends get his wish, you can also win some fabulous prizes. So it's like hitting two birds with one stone.

There are two ways to vote:

1. Via Mike's Facebook Fan Page

To vote on Mike's Facebook Fan Page, go to:

2. By SMS

To vote by SMS:
Send Carlsberg Name NRIC Wish Number to 78111

Example: Carlsberg John Lee S7911111T 2
1 for Roller Girls
2 for G.I. Janes
3 for Beer Fountain
4 for Foam Party
5 for Bull Riding
6 for Bungee Jumping

Vote now and YOU could win prizes!

Grand Prize
  • 2 Grand Prize Winners
  • $5,000 each + VIP tickets to Celebrate 2010 for winner and 3 friends
1st Prize
  • 5 Winners
  • VIP tickets to Celebrate 2010 for the winner and 3 friends
  • The VIP tickets include access to the Carlsberg Lounge on the floating platform, free flow beer and finger food, and a chance to meet Mike and experience his wishes.
2nd Prize
  • 100 Winners
  • General admission tickets to Celebrate 2010 for winner and 1 friend.

The winning wish will be announced at Celebrate 2010, the biggest countdown event at The Float @ Marina Bay on 31 December 2009.

And the grand finale:
  • Mike will attend the party with his friends, VIP style, where he will see one (or more) of the top 3 nominated wishes come true!
  • Mike will also get his moment of fame on stage, as he helps the party team countdown to the New Year!
  • Mike and Friends, plus all lucky winners from SMS and Facebook votes, will celebrate with Carlsberg and experience some of the wishes at the Carlsberg VIP Lounge on the floating platform.
So why not vote? Nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

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Christmas Tree - Phase 3

Added some more ornaments...

It'll do but I want more...

Special Delivery

Lloyd and I ordered some movies from last month and the box arrived today!

We always order from because the prices of their DVDs and blu-ray discs are way cheaper, and that includes the international shipping fee.

Our latest purchase - Never Been Kissed, Ever After - A Cinderella Story, Star Trek (Three-Disc +Digital Copy), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Two-Disc Special Edition) and The Last Samurai (the two DVDs are mine).

Lloyd has been waiting for it for days! I called him up as soon as I opened the box, and he can't wait to go home and watch them. Now, I'll start watching mine. :)

Christmas Tree - Phase 2

Hmmm.... something's missing....

I don't know what but it looks and feels incomplete...

Christmas Tree - Phase 1

Christmas is near! It'll be December next week! Time to do some Christmas decorating at home.

I've assigned Lloyd the task to get the Christmas tree from the storage room and set it up in the living room. He was able to remove it from its box last night (while working at home!). This morning, while waiting for our pork sinigang to cook, I started removing some of the lights attached to the tree.

The tree we bought three years ago already comes with Christmas lights attached around the tree. The second section of the lights were not working anymore (since last year), so this year I decided to remove them.

Starting tomorrow I'll be looking for some new Christmas lights to put on our tree. I already got our Christmas ornaments out of the storage room, waiting for their day to shine again. :)

Wazzup - The Hair and The Oven

I had a haircut done a few weeks ago when I was in the Philippines. It's shoulder-length, layered. Since I'm the wash-and-wear-hair type of person, I've realized I got the wrong haircut. I had flyaway hair before I had it layered, but it's not that obvious and ugly to look at, plus I can just tie it up anytime. Now that it's layered, the flyaway hair is all over! Tikwas tikwas go away!!! Before I can just dry up my hair using the electric fan. Now... that just won't do. The solution... I bought a blow dryer. I haven't used it yet, because I just got it yesterday. :)

Another thing I did while I was in the Philippines was bake! I don't have an oven here in the apartment, so when I was in the Philippines, I baked and baked and baked! Since I got back, Hubby finally agreed to buy me an oven! Check out my Baking Escapades blog post for more details. :)

Vacation's Over

I'm back from my vacation... again! :) This time vacation's really over. My next vacation is not so soon... maybe middle of next year.

Since I'm back to blogging (oh how I missed it!), I'll be making some changes to my blog. Still thinking of changing my layout, but might not do that because I love my blog's layout. I might interchange some columns here and there... depends on my mood hihi!

One major thing that will change is... I've decided to remove Entrecard from my blogs - Journal of Thoughts and The Foodie's Food Trip. It's something I've been thinking of for months... yes, MONTHS, not weeks or days. And I've finally decided to do it.

Something's Wrong...

There's something wrong with my Firefox browser.
Every time I compose a new post, the New Post looks different.

Click the image above to see the picture.

I just used IE to compose this blog entry. hmm... why oh why...

Clean-up and Sort Time

Since we got back home from our vacation, I've been cleaning up the house and arranging our gifts and souvenirs to family and friends. I'm also sorting out stuffs we bought and stuffs given to us. All I can say is... I'm still not finished!

I've sorted them out a bit - which ones are for family, which ones are for friends, and which ones are for us (hubby's & mine). But they're still a mess.

Checking out our purchaces and gifts we've received, I realized I got a few perfumes and lotions. We got a D&G Light Blue his & hers perfumes as a gift from my grandmother's friend. I love that scent! I've been using it since the perfume came out. I also want to buy some more perfumes and body splashes when I was in the US but I didn't. I still have a few perfumes & colognes at home, and all of them are more than half-full. Good thing I'm not into online perfume and would rather smell the scent before buying, otherwise I'd have a drawer full of perfumes! hihi!

Better continue with my sorting so I can start cleaning up the house.

Back from Vacation

I'm back! After three long weeks of tiring yet worth it vacay! :)

Still a bit jet-lagged - feels sleepy by 7 or 8pm, and wakes up around 6 or 7 am. Our first day back was worst... hubby woke up around 1am and just forced himself to sleep again, then that night by 6pm we both looked like we haven't slept for days!

On Hiatus

Be back in a few weeks.  :D

The Morning Rush

Do you listen to The Morning Rush? If not, well you're missing a lot.

The Morning Rush - a show/segment in a radio station in the Philippines (RX 93.1), hosted by Chico Garcia and Delamar. The show is on air on weekdays 6:00-10:00 AM and every last Saturday of the month 6:00-9:00 AM.

What's so special about their show? The Top Ten. The DJs will pick a topic for the day and announce it at the start of the show. The topics can be serious at times, but most of the time they are funny. Sample Top Ten topics:

  • Taray Quotes
  • Quotes that have inspired you
  • Things to say if an ugly person asks, "Well, how do I look?"
Lloyd and I would usually listen to it on our way to work when we were still working in in the Philippines. I'd usually get to work before 8:30am, while the show is still on. So I'd turn on my cellphone's FM radio and listen to it while at work (that time The Morning Rush was until 9am only).

Now that I'm so far away, I still listen to them! Whenever I wake up early (and not sleep again after Lloyd leaves), I'd listen to RX 93.1's live streaming thru their website or thru e-Radio Portal. Otherwise, I'd download (podcast or download the MP3) that day's show from Blue Ritz's blog Chico and Delamar's Top 10.

If you'd rather not listen to the whole show and just want to read snippets of the Top 10, you can check out Chico's blog. He posts entries from previous months (yeah... months old. tsk tsk...).

Here's one of my favorite Top 10 - The Top Ten “Swallow Me Whole” Moments. Favorite entry: #10 by Niknokniknoknik. Still makes me laugh every time I read (or listen to) it!

Araw ng Dilaw

On August 21, 2009,
Make Ninoy and Cory’s spirit of sacrifice live within you.
Sa Araw ng Dilaw,
Wear something yellow.
Light a yellow candle
to remember Ninoy and Cory’s love for the Filipino.

And if you’re on the road that day
Keep the flame of Ninoy and Cory burning.
Along with a thousand other cars, switch on your hazard lights from 6pm to 7pm and spread the country’s Yellow Spark far and wide.


A Little Survey

I recently chanced upon a survey on the Internet and it really caught my attention. What do you get for answering this simple survey? A chance to win a movie voucher!

The survey is called the Euro RSCG Asia-Pacific Quarterly Financial Services Survey.

So what’s up with this survey? Given the fact that currently there are a number of major challenges experienced by consumer banks because of the current economic climate, its purpose is to provide insight and understanding of Singaporean consumers’ attitudes and perceptions of the major players as they wrestle with brand and communications strategies.

This survey will only take a few minutes to complete. And of course, all responses will be strictly confidential and no personal information will be published with the findings.

In view of the fact that we will give a short period of our time to answer the survey, all those who complete it will be entered into a draw to win a movie voucher than can be used in any Golden Village cinemas in Singapore.

So if you are in Singapore, better do it before the your chance runs out. Be part of the lucky draw until 19th August.

To find out more about this survey, visit



What's with the title (& this entry)? Nothing... Just want to write something today.
I just feel sad today, and feel so tired.
Whenever I'm tired, I'm grumpy, and at times I just want to cry. I know... weird. But that's me...

Ok, here's a little something though. Now that I've written what I'm feeling now (the tired-want-to-cry feeling), I feel a bit better. :D
Thanks blog!

Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino!

Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino!

I am a Filipino and I am proud to say so. It is people like Former President Cory Aquino that makes me more proud to be a Filipino. She fought for our country's freedom, liberty and democracy.

As I am writing this entry, I am watching Former President Cory Aquino's funeral on TV.

Goodbye Tita Cory. The Philippines will surely miss you.

Hubby's Weird Dream

Hubby had a weird dream two nights ago (more of very early yesterday morning). It's not creepy weird... it's funny weird. :)

I suddenly woke up because I felt him holding my face and pulling it to his face to kiss me.

Honestly speaking it's sweet. But if he's really awake and I'm really asleep, he wouldn't pull my face to his because that would definitely wake me up. Instead he would just go to me to kiss me.

When I woke up, I already knew he was still asleep. I was already smiling because it was so funny! I touched his shoulder and shook it a bit. He woke up and said "huh? bakit?" then he went back to sleep.

When we woke up that morning, I asked him about it and he said he can't remember. What the hell was his dream?! hihihi!

Some Vacation Updates

We're having such gloomy weather these past few days, making me want to just curl up in bed.

Lloyd is out. He went to the gym. Me, as I said I feel so lazy so I'm left here home alone.

So other than this gloomy weather resulting to a gloomy feeling, here are some updates:

  • We are planning for a 3-week vacation in the US on September, and we already booked our tickets already. Now, the problem we're having is the itinerary when we get there. Why? Because we have a lot of people to meet and places to go to.

    We're trying to fit everything in three weeks and it's definitely not enough. We don't have a choice, Lloyd can only get 3 weeks vacation from work. Actually, 3 weeks is a lot already. My friend was so jealous because she can't get that much vacation in one go. :)

  • Our friends are planning to go to Bintan for a quick vacation. We're planning to go there during the long weekend this coming August.

    Bintan is an island, a beach resort, in Indonesia. It's our first time to go there so we're all very excited.

  • The in-laws will be visiting again on Friday. And there will be a lot of them, not just Lloyd's parents! There's Lloyd's sister, his 4 aunts and his 2 cousins. Why are they visiting? One of Lloyd's aunt is a balikbayan from Abu Dhabi. They're also planning to go to Malaysia while they're here.

Vacation vacation! :D

My Exercise Buddies

Guess what I bought...

A hula hoop! Hihihi!

When Marisa Tomei was a guest in Ellen DeGeneres' show, she said that her exercise regimen is to use the hula hoop everyday. And she really did it on the show. She can even text while doing it.

So now, I want to try out the hula hoop exercise. We'll see if it's effective.

By the way, the blue yoga mat is something I bought a long time ago. I think I've used it less than five times at home. My plan was to bring the mat to the gym whenever I attend yoga classes. But I don't have a bag/carrier for it, and if I carry it as is, it's too big and bulky for me. So it's just here at home, accumulating dust.

Hopefully I won't be lazy to exercise at home.

Medical ID Bracelets Can Save Lives

If you or a family member has a medical condition, here's a good buy for you: Medical ID Jewelry.

Medical ID jewelries are jewelries engraved with the person's medical condition like heart disease, food allergies, diabetes. These jewelries will be a big help in case of emergency. For example, a person allergic to penicillin gets unconscious and will not be able to speak for himself/herself. The doctors and nurses will immediately know that that person cannot be given penicillin, avoiding medical errors.

Jewelries available are bracelets, pendants and dog tags. Bracelets are available in stainless steel, colored aluminum and leather. Dog tags are available in colored aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Pendants are available in stainless steel and pewter.

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Restaurant City

When I started playing Restaurant City, I got so addicted to it that logging in to RC is the first thing I do in the morning, and the last thing I'd do before I go to sleep. Restaurant City (or RC) is an application in Facebook.

I go to Restaurant City forums, visit blogs and researched a lot of stuffs so that my restaurant can level up faster. One of the techniques I've learned is the waiter should only make at most 3 steps from the cooks to the customers. The best restaurant layout for this is the island layout, wherein the waiter is surrounded by (more of enclosed within) the tables and the stoves.

Eventually, when I got level 10 dishes (one for appetizer, one for main and one for dessert), I've reached my goal. I lessened my time logging in to RC.

I still log in to RC everyday, but I'm not that addicted anymore. I've rearranged my restaurant, removed the island layout and make it look a bit like a realistic restaurant, and it still reaches Level 50.0. :)

While typing this blog entry, my restaurant just reached level 27, the maximum level! :)

Chris Daughtry Singing Poker Face

I saw this on earlier. It was Chris Daughtry singing Lady Gaga's Poker Face. It's actually a very nice acoustic version.

This is not the exact link he sent (also not the same one in Chris Daughtry's twitter), but this is the one in YouTube I can embed here. hihihihi.

The original link sent out in Twitter is THIS. You can also check out Chris Daughtry's Twitter account.

My Blog's PR is not Zero

While visiting some blogs today, I noticed a blog's PR... it's zero. And this is what it looks like in my Google Toolbar

As you can see, it says that the PageRank is 0/10.

After seeing that, I checked my blog again, and saw this

No PageRank information available. So it's not zero ... it's worst!!

If you'll notice, the PageRank bar for my blog is empty, while the other blog is shaded white. For some, the PageRank bar has a green color, indicating the PageRank of the site. An example of this is my other blog The Foodie's Food Trip with PR1

huhuhu... what to do... what to do...?!

Dress Up Your Firefox Browser

I'm a Firefox user. I seldom use Internet Explorer when surfing the web.

I recently updated my Firefox browser to the latest version. After updating it, the browser would usually open a new browser informing you of updates and new features in Firefox. I checked out Mozilla's blog and read about Personas. It's a way to dress up your web browser, just like a desktop wallpaper.

I installed it immediately and tried out the different designs in their gallery. My browser now looks like this:
Isn't it cute? :D

I've tried another cute design, but it looks like there were too much clutter and I can't see my toolbars & menus anymore, that's why I settled to this cute and simple design. :)

Visit Personas for Firefox and try it out yourself.

By the way, you might think this is an ad... it's not. I just want to share a new discovery. :D

Hannah's New Photos and Videos

My goddaughter Hannah who has CCHS is growing up well. She's 22 months old now.

She has new photos and videos in her blog. Super cute! She can stand and walk on her own now. You have to watch the videos... she dances too!

Below is the description/caption from Hannah's new photos:

It's been a while since I've posted photos of Hannah. Quite has happened since the time I blogged about Hannah's new vent.

She's had feeding issues for a couple of months and lost a considerable amount of weight because of it (as you can see in some of her photos below). We took her to a Pediatrician-Gastro Internist and told us to give her probiotics (in powder form) to address her digestion/indigestion problem (although I suggested to the doctor that Hannah's new milk formula may be causing whatever problem there was). A day after giving Hannah the probiotic powder (May 5, 2009), she became irritable and suddenly went into seizure. Joan and I had to rush her to the hospital and was admitted to the ICU to undergo tests on her brain and her heart. By God's grace, all her tests showed normal results. We switched her back to her old milk formula and stopped giving her the probiotics. As it turns out, Hannah's new milk formula was the culprit for her feeding issues and the probiotics had an adverse effect on her which triggered her seizure. She's now quickly gaining the weight she lost and also back to her very happy and giggly self.
You can check out Hannah's photos HERE and the videos HERE (first two videos are the latest).

Happy Birthday M!!

Today is Lloyd's 30th birthday! Weee! The BIG 3-0! hihihihi :D
The in-laws are here to celebrate his birthday with us. We'll be going out for lunch later. Afterwards we'll go to Plaza Singapura after, because Gretchen Barreto is here for the Philippine Independence Day celebration held here in Singapore. After that... we'll see hihihi :D


Nurses and Doctors in the Family

I have a lot of relatives who took up nursing, my brother and sister included. I have two aunts and a cousin who are now registered nurses. I also have an aunt, my dad’s sister, and her husband who are doctors.

I remember when they, my brother and my sister, were still studying and doing these late-night shifts as interns, they looked really tired. And their shift is not constantly at night, or morning. It changes every week (or was it two weeks?) and it really ruined their body clock… changing their work hours every now and then. That already is tiring.

Oh, and did I mention the books they read? Oh my! I remember when I was still a kid I’d see my aunt, my dad’s sister, reading these thick and heavy books!

I recently discovered this online magazine called Scrubs. If they’ve read the articles here, it would really help them a lot.

I read an article, about waking up younger. This is somewhat impossible if you’re a nurse or a doctor. But there are 5 helpful tips here that would really help them wake up and not look so stressed up. Two of the five tips here are very important in my opinion: get clean before sleeping, and moisturize.

Let’s talk about their fashion sense. What do they wear: scrubs and only scrubs. But lately I’ve seen a lot of nurses wearing scrubs in cartoon prints. So it’s not as boring as it should be. :)

I’d better pass out this website to them because it would really help them in the simplest way possible in their work.


Single Ladies by Beyonce

I've watched the music video of Single Ladies by Beyonce. And wow... she can dance and sing at the same time! And the moves... oh my!

I've watched other versions of the Single Ladies' dance. Here's one by Joe Jonas.

Another one I like a lot and made me laugh my heart out is Justin Timberlake's version when he was a guest in SNL. The video below is when Beyonce was a guest in Ellen DeGeneres' show, and she was being interviewed about Justin's version of Single Ladies.

I do hope you've watched that SNL episode because it was really funny!

The best version so far is Shane Mercado's. I loooove his version!! Better than Beyonce? hihihi!

Shopping While Working

There is one thing that women love to do... shopping. May it be online shopping or going to the mall and shop, it doesn't matter... as long as they shop.

Here's something new: shopping as work. Well, who wouldn't want that? I would! :)

There is a new business that has been a success in Europe for the past three years. This business opportunity is now in the US, wherein you Work From Home and Shop.

Dubli uses a Reverse Auction - when buyers bid, the price of the product goes down. You are therefore guaranteed that you always get the lowest price. You earn from all these by becoming a Dubli Business Associate. Easy, right? :)

Now you can stay at home, shop till you drop, and still earn the extra income. :)

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Money, Money, Money!

I've heard (or more of read) of GPT or "Get Paid To" sites from my online buddies. GPT sites are sites that you join and they pay you for taking surveys, reading emails, clicking on ads, blogging, etc.

Some people would know this as PTC or "Paid To Click" sites. These are usually sites wherein you get paid for clicking on ads.

I've joined a few of GPTs and some are okay and I have proof (or personally know someone who has proof) that they're legit, and there are also some scam sites... and yes I am a victim of one. Most of these sites use PayPal as their payment option.

Anyway, below are some of the GPTs I've joined (excluding getting paid to write reviews):

1. MyLot - is a site where members get paid to start discussions or post replies/comments to current discussions. I've joined this two years ago.

So far I have less than USD2.00 hihihi :D Why so small? Because I seldom join discussions. Actually I seldom login to MyLot. But I know someone who got paid already by MyLot. :) She logs in everyday and respond to (or start) more than one discussion per day. So if you love replying/commenting to discussions, this is the right site for you.

2. EmailCashPro - I've heard/read of this for a long time (more than three years ago), but only decided to join two years ago. It's a GPT site in Singapore (also now available in other countries - Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, etc) wherein you get paid to read emails. For each email you read, you get 1 point. The points you earn will then be converted to cash credits at the end of the month.

This would be more productive and you can earn more if you have a lot of referrals. I only have one or two, so I earn less.

3. ClixSense - I just registered to this last week, despite the fact that I've heard of this since last year. This is a PTC site. You login to ClixSense, and you click on the ads on their list.

I also personally know someone who got her payout already from ClixSense. Wish me luck with this... :D

4. Pay2Surf - This is also a PTC site. I joined this last year and I wouldn't bother sharing the link because this is a scam! I reached $40 already and they never paid me! I stopped checking out the site when I still haven't received the payment one month after I requested for the payment. tsk tsk...

5. Get paid to write reviews - I'll just include this in one item, and just list down the ones I've joined.

You earn from these sites by writing reviews in your blog. The sites that I've joined (and got paid already) are:

I've joined 2-3 more of these, but never got any opportunities from them. If you love blogging and this is your past-time, then this is the right one for you. I've actually earned a few dollars from these sites (mostly from PayPerPost).

Visit their websites to learn more about these sites. I believe there's no harm joining, plus there's not much effort to earn from these GPT sites (well, except for MyLot :D). And if you have a lot of referrals, you earn a lot more! Just be careful when sharing personal information. :D

Happy Friday! Happy Sale!

It's Friday! I'm not only happy because it's Friday today. I'm also happy because today is the start of the Great Singapore Sale (a.k.a. the GSS)!!!

The GSS period is from May 29 to July 26. And it happens every year. What happens during the GSS? Sale everywhere! All (if not all, majority) malls & stores have sales and promotions that are so hard to resist! hihihi!

Happy weekend everyone! And happy shopping for those in Singapore! :D

Zero Page Rank?! NOOooooo!!!

What happened?! huhuhu... My blog's PR3 already... then it dropped to PR0. I am so clueless with this.

I've tried searching from the net about it. Does that mean my site's banned?! NOOOooooO!O

If anyone has an idea why this happened and how I can increase my PR... please please HELP!

Home Sweet Home

I love watching home makeover shows on TV. There are shows showing how they had their homes designed or renovated. There are some homes with very small space area but the owners were able to minimize the space with the designs and arrangements they use.

We bought the house two years ago, a few months after we got married. When we bought it, the first thing I wanted is a nice and spacious kitchen. It’s a very small house, two floors with one toilet and two small bedrooms. The original design of the kitchen is it’s together with the dining room, and right beside the toilet’s door. There is a big enough space at the back of the house, for the garden and laundry area. We had the whole house renovated. We had the back area made into a kitchen and laundry area. For the inside of the house, we just had the floor changed – new tiles to the toilet, new floorings to the living/dining room and bedrooms. New wall paints as well. I enjoyed having our house renovated… looking at wall paint, the different floor designs, the tiles for the toilet, and the tiles and kitchen sinks for the kitchen/laundry area.

The house we bought was under a bank’s housing loan. And… we were finally able to finish paying it! We got the title and the deed already, and the house is under our name! I’m so happy with our little home sweet home…

Bloghop Day

Or should I say "Bloghop Half-a-Day" hihihi!
Finally I have the time to visit my blogger friends, but only for a few hours today.
Hope I can visit a lot of you today... :)

Update: hmm this is interesting... a lot of the blogs I visit before are gone... better fix my blogroll one of these days. :)

The Laptop Accident

Yesterday afternoon, while I was washing the dishes and Lloyd was watching the TV, I heard a loud blag... something fell. I thought at first it was just the TV's remote control, but the sound came from a heavy object.

When I checked where that sound came from, it was my laptop! The laptop was on our sofa's armrest (the armrest is around 6inches wide). Lloyd tripped on the cable and the laptop was dragged down.

The laptop's still working, but the plastic board cover thing at the bottom protruded or got lose from its lock. So Lloyd unscrewed the back and set everything straight.

Good thing he was able to fix it and the laptop's still working well. Otherwise I'd demand he buy me a new one!

Still no Bloghopping...

I haven't bloghopped for more than a month now!

I miss visiting my blogger friends... I miss posting a blog post! Well, yeah I post entries... but not as often as before, which is definitely more than once a week! I even had no tweet for more than a week! I just started tweeting again last week.

So what's been happening with my life right now, and why am I so busy? Since my sisters visited us here in Singapore, I only have time to check my mail and post entries every now & then. After my sisters left, hubby and I left... we were in Manila for a week. When we got back in Singapore, we already had guests. And later, I'll be busy cooking dinner for our guests (hubby's relatives).

Hay! Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some time for myself...

Four Birthdays and a Funeral

Since January, Lloyd and I have been planning to go back to Manila for a short vacation. To coincide with our dads' birthdays we decided to schedule it on the fourth week of April. My dad's birthday is April 23, Lloyd's dad's birthday is April 25 (his 60th birthday). So two months ago, February, I already booked us plane tickets to Manila for April 23-27.

Two weeks ago, April 14, Lloyd got a phone call from his mom. They seldom call, it's us who would call them up. So when Lloyd got that phone call, he knew something happened. Lloyd's grandmother (mother's side) passed away. She was 84. Before she passed away, she was in and out of the hospital and was getting weaker and weaker. She was in UST Hospital when she died. Everyone in her family was there, from her children to her great-grandchildren (except for those living abroad).

We decided to rebook our flight so we can attend the funeral. I changed our itinerary to April 18-26, and had our tickets rebooked just two days before our flight.

The Funeral

It was the funeral wake's last day when we arrived, April 18. The wake was held in their house in Tondo.

April 19, she was laid to rest beside Lloyd's grandfather at Eternal Gardens Memorial Park in Caloocan.

The Birthdays

Since we arrived in Manila earlier than expected, we were able to attend four birthdays instead of just two.

Birthday # 1: Tita Nora, April 20
Tita Nora is my aunt, my mom's sister. We went out for dinner at TriNoma. They let me decide where to go.... so i chose Max's Fried Chicken... YUMMY!

Birthday # 2: Ogie, April 20
Ogie is Lloyd's cousin. The gathering/party/dinner was in their house in Tondo. It will surely finish late since they (the boys) will still drink, so we just went there after our dinner out for Tita Nora's birthday.

Birthday # 3: My Dad, April 23
I thought dad's already 55! Hihihi, one year to go pa pala.
At first I thought there'd be a party in Bulacan, because it's also my cousin's birthday. But I guess they all got lazy with the preparation and the cooking and the cleaning, so no party. The family just went to Greenbelt 5 and had dinner at John and Yoko.

Birthday # 4: Lloyd's Dad, April 25

It's supposed to be a party, with food catering and all. But since Inang passed away, there was a change of plan. They cancelled the caterer, but not the venue. It was a pool party in Las Pinas with the family and a few friends.

Now we're back in Singapore... and I'm back to blogging. :)

I'm on a "Break"

I won't be blogging for a while (But if there's something I want to blog about that can't wait, then I'll blog about it. hihihi!). I'm a bit busy coz my sisters are here for a visit. They've been here before, but they want to try out more Singaporean food. :)

Till my next post!

I Vote Earth

VOTE EARTHYou might be seeing these ads on TV these past few days about Earth Hour. So what is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a vote for earth... it's the first global election. If you vote for earth, you turn off your lights for one hour. If you leave your lights on, then you vote for global warming.

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, when homes and buildings turned off their lights for one hour. In 2008, it spread across the globe. Now, the target is to reach 1 billion people to switch off their lights.

It's not that hard to do... just switch off the lights. It's just an hour...

Let's vote Earth. Election day is on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 - 9:30 PM.

Tweet Tweet

I've been hearing (or should I say reading) about Twitter. It's everywhere! I see it in other people's blogs, I see it in different websites, and I even heard it being mentioned on TV last night. So what is Twitter? One description I can think of: mini-blog. hihihi :P

I've been curious for a long time. Should I register and join the bandwagon... or should I just ignore it? What the heck... I love blogging! So why not do a one-liner-type of entry? hihihi! Peer pressure won... I just joined Twitter. :D Tweet tweet!

Flowers For You

Flowers... most women would love to receive these at least once. I say most women because not all women likes flowers.

Some women love flowers so much they will buy flowers everyday and have flower arrangements at home. Adelaide flowers are lovely examples of flower bouquets. There are some who likes them, but it's not on top of their list. There are those who would rather spend their money on food and other stuffs rather than buy flowers, but are willing and happy to receive some as gifts. And of course, there are those who are allergic to flowers, so they do not have a choice but to avoid them. :)

Me... I'm in between. I like flowers because they really are a good decoration to the house, plus there are some flowers with lovely scents. :) But... I don't buy flowers because for me it's a waste of money. And... I'm not good at arranging flowers. hihihi :)

Look What's in the Mail

Look what's in the mail yesterday...
We ordered some stuffs from last month. We were expecting to get it early April, coz that's what told me. So I was surprised to receive it earlier than expected. :)

Those are all Lloyd's. hihihi :) Although these movies are also available here, we still decided to buy it through Amazon. The price here ranges from 50-60SGD for each blu-ray disc. The price from Amazon was way lower than that. The total cost was at least 50SGD cheaper...and that already includes the international shipping fee! :)

It might be a long wait, but the money we saved is worth it. :)

BlogRolling is Up!

For those using, their site's up already!

I just noticed today when I was looking at my blogroll and they're not arranged in alphabetical order. Plus there was an ad/frame when I clicked my blogroll.

I'm still trying to figure out how to remove the frame. I'll also update my blogroll and add some more blogs. :)

Happy blogging everyone!

Houseware Wish List

I love buying stuffs for the house... mostly home furniture and equipments. I feel like our housewares and home maintenance products that we have are not enough.

For the bathroom I would like to have more bathroom organization and storage items. We only had this plastic shelf-like thing in our bathroom. I’d want some cabinets and more. But we can’t do that since we’re just renting the apartment and no holes allowed in the walls.

Speaking of organization, I also wish to have more cleaning and organization items. I’d want more shelves, cabinets, and storerooms. It will definitely make the house cleaner, neater, and nicer. :) With regards to cleaning… I hate germs! I can leave the house a mess, as long as there’s no pile of dust in the corner of the house, or built-up mold & mildew. Humidifiers will help in that area. And of course,for the dust the ever reliable vacuum cleaner.

Good thing we do not have carpets at home, because first and foremost I hate it. I can imagine the dust accumulating there… a house without carpet already makes me sneeze, what more a house with a carpet! Second I have asthma. I can already imagine the cleaning… I’d need deep carpet cleaners or steam cleaners. The vacuum won’t be enough for this.

I think I’ve said too much... hihihi!

My 100th Post

Here I am again, tacking back what I said from my previous post... that was not my 102nd post! Why? Because... I added 3 more entries/posts in of February 2008 which contains my Disclosure Policy, my N@Wies blogroll and my Pinay Bloggers blogroll! :) I therefore conclude that I only had 99 entries... and this is my official 100th post!!! Yahoo!!! Sorry.... my mistake... :D

So anyway... another story. As usual, I'm watching Ellen again on TV... and it's the episode with Josh Groban and John Mayer! I didn't miss the episode! Oh happy day! :D

Some Updates Plus Pink in Ellen DeGeneres' Show

Remember my previous post, Ellen DeGeneres' Duets? Well, I'm watching TV right now, and it's showing Ellen's old episodes. And... it's the episode with Pink and the first bathroom concert series!

Still makes me laugh watching it again. :)

Additional update: I was planning to announce here when I've reached my 100th post, and realized that I've actually reached my 100th post!!!

Apparently, my 100th post is What's Up! YIPEE! So this post is actually my 102nd post already. :)

Update (4-Mar): I actually forgot one more thing... my blog's birthday! My blog is a year old! I forgot to remind myself... hihihi!

Happy first birthday!!

Ellen DeGeneres' Duets

I saw this video from another blog and just made me laugh so much!

It's so cool and funny!

After watching this video, I saw from the links that Josh Groban was also a guest that day and he also sang with Ellen!

I love Ellen! And I love Josh Groban!!!

So anwyay, I searched for more videos because from Ellen's website, it says that it's a bathroom concert series. So I got this...

and this

Apparently, Pink was Ellen's first guest for the bathroom concert series, second was John Mayer, and the latest was Lily Allen.

To know more of Ellen's Bathroom Concert Series, visit

What's Up

What have I been up to? Nothing much...

Saturday, We went to a friend's wedding. It's not actually the wedding itself, just a little reception at their house. We just wore jeans. :)

Yesterday, Lloyd and I went to the gym, then had a healthy dinner... Subway's Subway Club sandwich.

Right now, I'm watching The Oscars. :) Penelope Cruz (Supporting Actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Slumdog Millionaire (Writing, Adapted Screenplay), Milk (Writing, Original Screenplay), Wall-E (Animated Feature Film) and La Maison en Petits Cubes (Short Film) won already.

And later we'll be watching a movie.

Oh! And I have a new crush... clutch bags. hihihi! I don't have one yet... still searching. :D

Clearer Vision

I’ve always had that perfect eyesight. Even though I’m almost about to turn 30, I still have that 20/20 vision. Having poor eyesight doesn’t run in the family. My parents started wearing their reading glasses when they were in their late 40s. Until last month…

A few weeks ago, my eyes started feeling a bit dry and itchy. My sight’s not at all blurry or anything like that… they just felt dry and itchy. But it’s still something to be concerned about. I thought I’m getting old… I might need glasses already (huhuhu…).

Even before I went to the doctor, I chanced upon Zenni Optical by coincidence during my daily web surfing. They were mentioned in The New York Times. And their eyeglasses go as low as USD8.00. They have so many choices that it was so hard to choose! There are those trendy ones, the not-so-obvious ones, some which looks like Harry Potter’s glasses, and those classy ones. If I’d get to choose from their frames, I’d pick the one below. The frame looks so stylish and chic with a cute little detail on the side.

Since last week, my eyes started to feel better. My eyes might just have been tired and strained. Because I also realized that when my eyes felt dry and itchy, it’s also during late in the evening. Thank goodness I won’t have to wear eyeglasses!

Hmm... My Pictures are Missing....

Is it just me (or my blogs), or is there something wrong with blogger/blogspot today? All the images in my blog just disappeared... even my image header! huhuhu....

Update (2/13/2009): Ok... no more panicking... :) It wasn't blogger/blogspot's problem, I think it was my internet connection (as analyzed by Lloyd). Because even other websites were not loading properly last night. But today, everything seems fine. So I'm putting back my blog's image header back. hihihi!

Baby Hannah Finally Got Her Own Ventilator

January 24, 2009, Hannah finally got her own ventilator.

God has blessed Hannah and her parents with wonderful family and friends (and even strangers) who prayed with them and helped them achieve this unbelievable dream come true. It is truly a miracle...

Visit her site at

The New Blog is Up!

Yup, you read that right... My new food blog is finally up and running! :)

I've finally decided to name it The Foodie's Food Trip. As of today, there are two entries there: a recipe and a welcome-to-my-blog entry. :)

For those who suggested names, thanks thanks! Majority voted for Janis' Food Trip, but I decided not to put my name in the blog title, so I changed it to Foodie. :D

Please visit my blog. It's still under construction... the layout is not yet finalized, sidebar still empty, etc. So visit it often to see improvements and of course the final look. :)

January Updates

I haven't blogged for a while because we were in Manila for two weeks to attend a wedding & a short vacation for us as well, then last week as soon as we got back in Singapore we had guests.

The Wedding

The main reason we were in Manila was because we had to attend our friends' wedding. Lloyd was one of the groomsmen. The couple was Lloyd's former co-workers who are also now working here in Singapore.

It was a very beautiful wedding... so solemn and sweet. The couple got very emotional during the wedding ceremony - when the bride was walking and when the priest said that they are now husband & wife. I myself got a bit teary-eyed.

The Vacation

After the wedding, Lloyd and I had two more weeks to stay in Manila. We didn't rush things this time (like go out and meet friends & former co-workers), so our vacation felt a bit longer. During our previous trips back in Manila, we were always busy that at the end of the day we felt that our vacation was so short (even though it was 1-2 weeks). This time our vacation felt longer and more relaxed... no pressure.

We still went out with friends, of course. We even had a small reunion with our college blockmates because Rommel and Alina, our ka-barkada who now resides in the US, also was in Manila for a short vacation. By the way, Rommel was Lloyd's bestman during our wedding and Lloyd was Rommel's bestman during their wedding.

The Visitors

Last Monday we were back in Singapore, and Rommel's family (Rommel's parents and Alina) arrived in Singapore the same day, although they have to wait for us for 5 hours because their flight arrived earlier than ours. I think (actually I hope) they enjoyed the wait since they were able to tour Changi Airport's different terminals.

They were here for five days but actually felt like three days only because we all arrived in the evening, then their flight back to Manila was early Friday morning. We all felt it was bitin, but it's ok. Plus Lloyd was back to work Wednesday last week (Tuesday was still a holiday here... Chinese New year. Most malls were actually closed that day!), so less time together.

We still enjoyed their short stay with us... and the not-so-many food trips we had. :) BUT... I think the Chili Crab made their whole trip worthwhile... hahaha!

The Survey

Not related to our vacation, but this post got delayed because of my vacation, so I'll include it here. hehehe :D

I just checked the result of the survey/poll I posted. First and foremost thanks to all who answered my poll. A lot of people opted Janis' Food Trip. But I just realized I don't want to put my name to the blog title... hihihi... :D So... how about The Foodie's Food Trip? By the way, I chose the word foodie because it means a person with a keen interest in food and cookery (from the Free Online Dictionary).

What do you think? :)

The Now

Today's Monday... Lloyd's at work... and I'm home alone again. Everything's back to normal. January was busy busy busy... but it was fun. :D

New Blog

I'll be creating a new blog dedicated to my love for food. It will include recipes and food/restaurants I've tried. I'm still deciding which blog name is better.

Love Affair Movie

The movie Love Affair is being shown on HBO for a few days now. Even though I've watched it before, I still watched it the other day.

Love Affair stars Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. Mike Gambril, played by Beatty, is an ex-football player, meets Terry McKay, played by Bening, on a flight to Sydney. The plane is forced to make an emergency landing. They ended in a romantic ocean liner cruise to take them back to a larger island despite being engaged to others. They agree to meet in New York's Empire State Building months later. When one of them is injured on the way to the meeting, the other waits without knowing.

This movie was actually a remake, the third remake. The original movie was in 1939 starred by Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne.

The second remake was in 1957 starred by Cary Grant and Debora Kerr had a different title, An Affair to Remember.

I've watched all the version, and whichever version is available, I'd watch it. I love this movie! It's such a sweet and romantic love story.

If you guys love romantic movies and you haven't watched this, go rent it. All the versions if possible. :)

Photos taken from

Good-bye 2008, Hello 2009

First and foremost HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

2008... what a year. A lot of things happened last year. Some memories are worth remembering, and some we wished never happened.

I wouldn't go into the details anymore, but there's one thing I promised myself: move on. Forget the past (I know it's impossible to forget the past, I just won't linger on the memories for too long) and look ahead to the future. Think positive: 2009 will be a good year.

Happy new year again and we wish everyone will have a blessed year ahead.

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