New Blog

I'll be creating a new blog dedicated to my love for food. It will include recipes and food/restaurants I've tried. I'm still deciding which blog name is better.


Arleen 1/07/2009 2:53 AM  

I love to hear and see -- J's Food Trip or J's Foodie Adventures

The apostrophe after your "s" makes the word hard to pronounces. (Janises Food Trip) J is better.

Just my thought.

janis 1/07/2009 3:01 AM  

nice one! thanks! :)
i double-checked that 's (apostrophe "s") online before listing the blognames coz i want to make sure. Janis' and Janis's are both ok to use daw... hihihi :)
pero i like your suggestion. thanks!!!

Free Mobile Videos 1/07/2009 11:21 PM  

Janis' Food Blog sounds good to me. =)

Anonymous 1/09/2009 11:44 AM  

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