Ellen DeGeneres' Duets

I saw this video from another blog and just made me laugh so much!

It's so cool and funny!

After watching this video, I saw from the links that Josh Groban was also a guest that day and he also sang with Ellen!

I love Ellen! And I love Josh Groban!!!

So anwyay, I searched for more videos because from Ellen's website, it says that it's a bathroom concert series. So I got this...

and this

Apparently, Pink was Ellen's first guest for the bathroom concert series, second was John Mayer, and the latest was Lily Allen.

To know more of Ellen's Bathroom Concert Series, visit http://ellen.warnerbros.com/ellens_bathroom_concert_series/.

What's Up

What have I been up to? Nothing much...

Saturday, We went to a friend's wedding. It's not actually the wedding itself, just a little reception at their house. We just wore jeans. :)

Yesterday, Lloyd and I went to the gym, then had a healthy dinner... Subway's Subway Club sandwich.

Right now, I'm watching The Oscars. :) Penelope Cruz (Supporting Actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Slumdog Millionaire (Writing, Adapted Screenplay), Milk (Writing, Original Screenplay), Wall-E (Animated Feature Film) and La Maison en Petits Cubes (Short Film) won already.

And later we'll be watching a movie.

Oh! And I have a new crush... clutch bags. hihihi! I don't have one yet... still searching. :D

Clearer Vision

I’ve always had that perfect eyesight. Even though I’m almost about to turn 30, I still have that 20/20 vision. Having poor eyesight doesn’t run in the family. My parents started wearing their reading glasses when they were in their late 40s. Until last month…

A few weeks ago, my eyes started feeling a bit dry and itchy. My sight’s not at all blurry or anything like that… they just felt dry and itchy. But it’s still something to be concerned about. I thought I’m getting old… I might need glasses already (huhuhu…).

Even before I went to the doctor, I chanced upon Zenni Optical by coincidence during my daily web surfing. They were mentioned in The New York Times. And their eyeglasses go as low as USD8.00. They have so many choices that it was so hard to choose! There are those trendy ones, the not-so-obvious ones, some which looks like Harry Potter’s glasses, and those classy ones. If I’d get to choose from their frames, I’d pick the one below. The frame looks so stylish and chic with a cute little detail on the side.

Since last week, my eyes started to feel better. My eyes might just have been tired and strained. Because I also realized that when my eyes felt dry and itchy, it’s also during late in the evening. Thank goodness I won’t have to wear eyeglasses!

Hmm... My Pictures are Missing....

Is it just me (or my blogs), or is there something wrong with blogger/blogspot today? All the images in my blog just disappeared... even my image header! huhuhu....

Update (2/13/2009): Ok... no more panicking... :) It wasn't blogger/blogspot's problem, I think it was my internet connection (as analyzed by Lloyd). Because even other websites were not loading properly last night. But today, everything seems fine. So I'm putting back my blog's image header back. hihihi!

Baby Hannah Finally Got Her Own Ventilator

January 24, 2009, Hannah finally got her own ventilator.

God has blessed Hannah and her parents with wonderful family and friends (and even strangers) who prayed with them and helped them achieve this unbelievable dream come true. It is truly a miracle...

Visit her site at http://hannahysabelle.multiply.com/photos/album/29/Hannahs_new_vent

The New Blog is Up!

Yup, you read that right... My new food blog is finally up and running! :)

I've finally decided to name it The Foodie's Food Trip. As of today, there are two entries there: a recipe and a welcome-to-my-blog entry. :)

For those who suggested names, thanks thanks! Majority voted for Janis' Food Trip, but I decided not to put my name in the blog title, so I changed it to Foodie. :D

Please visit my blog. It's still under construction... the layout is not yet finalized, sidebar still empty, etc. So visit it often to see improvements and of course the final look. :)


January Updates

I haven't blogged for a while because we were in Manila for two weeks to attend a wedding & a short vacation for us as well, then last week as soon as we got back in Singapore we had guests.

The Wedding

The main reason we were in Manila was because we had to attend our friends' wedding. Lloyd was one of the groomsmen. The couple was Lloyd's former co-workers who are also now working here in Singapore.

It was a very beautiful wedding... so solemn and sweet. The couple got very emotional during the wedding ceremony - when the bride was walking and when the priest said that they are now husband & wife. I myself got a bit teary-eyed.

The Vacation

After the wedding, Lloyd and I had two more weeks to stay in Manila. We didn't rush things this time (like go out and meet friends & former co-workers), so our vacation felt a bit longer. During our previous trips back in Manila, we were always busy that at the end of the day we felt that our vacation was so short (even though it was 1-2 weeks). This time our vacation felt longer and more relaxed... no pressure.

We still went out with friends, of course. We even had a small reunion with our college blockmates because Rommel and Alina, our ka-barkada who now resides in the US, also was in Manila for a short vacation. By the way, Rommel was Lloyd's bestman during our wedding and Lloyd was Rommel's bestman during their wedding.

The Visitors

Last Monday we were back in Singapore, and Rommel's family (Rommel's parents and Alina) arrived in Singapore the same day, although they have to wait for us for 5 hours because their flight arrived earlier than ours. I think (actually I hope) they enjoyed the wait since they were able to tour Changi Airport's different terminals.

They were here for five days but actually felt like three days only because we all arrived in the evening, then their flight back to Manila was early Friday morning. We all felt it was bitin, but it's ok. Plus Lloyd was back to work Wednesday last week (Tuesday was still a holiday here... Chinese New year. Most malls were actually closed that day!), so less time together.

We still enjoyed their short stay with us... and the not-so-many food trips we had. :) BUT... I think the Chili Crab made their whole trip worthwhile... hahaha!

The Survey

Not related to our vacation, but this post got delayed because of my vacation, so I'll include it here. hehehe :D

I just checked the result of the survey/poll I posted. First and foremost thanks to all who answered my poll. A lot of people opted Janis' Food Trip. But I just realized I don't want to put my name to the blog title... hihihi... :D So... how about The Foodie's Food Trip? By the way, I chose the word foodie because it means a person with a keen interest in food and cookery (from the Free Online Dictionary).

What do you think? :)

The Now

Today's Monday... Lloyd's at work... and I'm home alone again. Everything's back to normal. January was busy busy busy... but it was fun. :D

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