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I’ve always had that perfect eyesight. Even though I’m almost about to turn 30, I still have that 20/20 vision. Having poor eyesight doesn’t run in the family. My parents started wearing their reading glasses when they were in their late 40s. Until last month…

A few weeks ago, my eyes started feeling a bit dry and itchy. My sight’s not at all blurry or anything like that… they just felt dry and itchy. But it’s still something to be concerned about. I thought I’m getting old… I might need glasses already (huhuhu…).

Even before I went to the doctor, I chanced upon Zenni Optical by coincidence during my daily web surfing. They were mentioned in The New York Times. And their eyeglasses go as low as USD8.00. They have so many choices that it was so hard to choose! There are those trendy ones, the not-so-obvious ones, some which looks like Harry Potter’s glasses, and those classy ones. If I’d get to choose from their frames, I’d pick the one below. The frame looks so stylish and chic with a cute little detail on the side.

Since last week, my eyes started to feel better. My eyes might just have been tired and strained. Because I also realized that when my eyes felt dry and itchy, it’s also during late in the evening. Thank goodness I won’t have to wear eyeglasses!


anne 2/19/2009 2:21 AM  

Hi, just stopping by :)

That's cool that you still have 20/20 vision! I'm not so lucky, with 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. Weird...

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