I Vote Earth

VOTE EARTHYou might be seeing these ads on TV these past few days about Earth Hour. So what is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a vote for earth... it's the first global election. If you vote for earth, you turn off your lights for one hour. If you leave your lights on, then you vote for global warming.

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, when homes and buildings turned off their lights for one hour. In 2008, it spread across the globe. Now, the target is to reach 1 billion people to switch off their lights.

It's not that hard to do... just switch off the lights. It's just an hour...

Let's vote Earth. Election day is on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 - 9:30 PM.

Tweet Tweet

I've been hearing (or should I say reading) about Twitter. It's everywhere! I see it in other people's blogs, I see it in different websites, and I even heard it being mentioned on TV last night. So what is Twitter? One description I can think of: mini-blog. hihihi :P

I've been curious for a long time. Should I register and join the bandwagon... or should I just ignore it? What the heck... I love blogging! So why not do a one-liner-type of entry? hihihi! Peer pressure won... I just joined Twitter. :D Tweet tweet!

Flowers For You

Flowers... most women would love to receive these at least once. I say most women because not all women likes flowers.

Some women love flowers so much they will buy flowers everyday and have flower arrangements at home. Adelaide flowers are lovely examples of flower bouquets. There are some who likes them, but it's not on top of their list. There are those who would rather spend their money on food and other stuffs rather than buy flowers, but are willing and happy to receive some as gifts. And of course, there are those who are allergic to flowers, so they do not have a choice but to avoid them. :)

Me... I'm in between. I like flowers because they really are a good decoration to the house, plus there are some flowers with lovely scents. :) But... I don't buy flowers because for me it's a waste of money. And... I'm not good at arranging flowers. hihihi :)

Look What's in the Mail

Look what's in the mail yesterday...
We ordered some stuffs from Amazon.com last month. We were expecting to get it early April, coz that's what Amazon.com told me. So I was surprised to receive it earlier than expected. :)

Those are all Lloyd's. hihihi :) Although these movies are also available here, we still decided to buy it through Amazon. The price here ranges from 50-60SGD for each blu-ray disc. The price from Amazon was way lower than that. The total cost was at least 50SGD cheaper...and that already includes the international shipping fee! :)

It might be a long wait, but the money we saved is worth it. :)

BlogRolling is Up!

For those using BlogRolling.com, their site's up already!

I just noticed today when I was looking at my blogroll and they're not arranged in alphabetical order. Plus there was an ad/frame when I clicked my blogroll.

I'm still trying to figure out how to remove the frame. I'll also update my blogroll and add some more blogs. :)

Happy blogging everyone!

Houseware Wish List

I love buying stuffs for the house... mostly home furniture and equipments. I feel like our housewares and home maintenance products that we have are not enough.

For the bathroom I would like to have more bathroom organization and storage items. We only had this plastic shelf-like thing in our bathroom. I’d want some cabinets and more. But we can’t do that since we’re just renting the apartment and no holes allowed in the walls.

Speaking of organization, I also wish to have more cleaning and organization items. I’d want more shelves, cabinets, and storerooms. It will definitely make the house cleaner, neater, and nicer. :) With regards to cleaning… I hate germs! I can leave the house a mess, as long as there’s no pile of dust in the corner of the house, or built-up mold & mildew. Humidifiers will help in that area. And of course,for the dust the ever reliable vacuum cleaner.

Good thing we do not have carpets at home, because first and foremost I hate it. I can imagine the dust accumulating there… a house without carpet already makes me sneeze, what more a house with a carpet! Second I have asthma. I can already imagine the cleaning… I’d need deep carpet cleaners or steam cleaners. The vacuum won’t be enough for this.

I think I’ve said too much... hihihi!

My 100th Post

Here I am again, tacking back what I said from my previous post... that was not my 102nd post! Why? Because... I added 3 more entries/posts in of February 2008 which contains my Disclosure Policy, my N@Wies blogroll and my Pinay Bloggers blogroll! :) I therefore conclude that I only had 99 entries... and this is my official 100th post!!! Yahoo!!! Sorry.... my mistake... :D

So anyway... another story. As usual, I'm watching Ellen again on TV... and it's the episode with Josh Groban and John Mayer! I didn't miss the episode! Oh happy day! :D

Some Updates Plus Pink in Ellen DeGeneres' Show

Remember my previous post, Ellen DeGeneres' Duets? Well, I'm watching TV right now, and it's showing Ellen's old episodes. And... it's the episode with Pink and the first bathroom concert series!

Still makes me laugh watching it again. :)

Additional update: I was planning to announce here when I've reached my 100th post, and realized that I've actually reached my 100th post!!!

Apparently, my 100th post is What's Up! YIPEE! So this post is actually my 102nd post already. :)

Update (4-Mar): I actually forgot one more thing... my blog's birthday! My blog is a year old! I forgot to remind myself... hihihi!

Happy first birthday!!

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