Flowers For You

Flowers... most women would love to receive these at least once. I say most women because not all women likes flowers.

Some women love flowers so much they will buy flowers everyday and have flower arrangements at home. Adelaide flowers are lovely examples of flower bouquets. There are some who likes them, but it's not on top of their list. There are those who would rather spend their money on food and other stuffs rather than buy flowers, but are willing and happy to receive some as gifts. And of course, there are those who are allergic to flowers, so they do not have a choice but to avoid them. :)

Me... I'm in between. I like flowers because they really are a good decoration to the house, plus there are some flowers with lovely scents. :) But... I don't buy flowers because for me it's a waste of money. And... I'm not good at arranging flowers. hihihi :)


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