Houseware Wish List

I love buying stuffs for the house... mostly home furniture and equipments. I feel like our housewares and home maintenance products that we have are not enough.

For the bathroom I would like to have more bathroom organization and storage items. We only had this plastic shelf-like thing in our bathroom. I’d want some cabinets and more. But we can’t do that since we’re just renting the apartment and no holes allowed in the walls.

Speaking of organization, I also wish to have more cleaning and organization items. I’d want more shelves, cabinets, and storerooms. It will definitely make the house cleaner, neater, and nicer. :) With regards to cleaning… I hate germs! I can leave the house a mess, as long as there’s no pile of dust in the corner of the house, or built-up mold & mildew. Humidifiers will help in that area. And of course,for the dust the ever reliable vacuum cleaner.

Good thing we do not have carpets at home, because first and foremost I hate it. I can imagine the dust accumulating there… a house without carpet already makes me sneeze, what more a house with a carpet! Second I have asthma. I can already imagine the cleaning… I’d need deep carpet cleaners or steam cleaners. The vacuum won’t be enough for this.

I think I’ve said too much... hihihi!


Barely Domestic Mama 3/10/2009 3:04 AM  

We have carpet...I feel like I am constantly vacuuming.

I read your comment on my blog that you are new to SITS. Hope you are enjoying it!

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