Four Birthdays and a Funeral

Since January, Lloyd and I have been planning to go back to Manila for a short vacation. To coincide with our dads' birthdays we decided to schedule it on the fourth week of April. My dad's birthday is April 23, Lloyd's dad's birthday is April 25 (his 60th birthday). So two months ago, February, I already booked us plane tickets to Manila for April 23-27.

Two weeks ago, April 14, Lloyd got a phone call from his mom. They seldom call, it's us who would call them up. So when Lloyd got that phone call, he knew something happened. Lloyd's grandmother (mother's side) passed away. She was 84. Before she passed away, she was in and out of the hospital and was getting weaker and weaker. She was in UST Hospital when she died. Everyone in her family was there, from her children to her great-grandchildren (except for those living abroad).

We decided to rebook our flight so we can attend the funeral. I changed our itinerary to April 18-26, and had our tickets rebooked just two days before our flight.

The Funeral

It was the funeral wake's last day when we arrived, April 18. The wake was held in their house in Tondo.

April 19, she was laid to rest beside Lloyd's grandfather at Eternal Gardens Memorial Park in Caloocan.

The Birthdays

Since we arrived in Manila earlier than expected, we were able to attend four birthdays instead of just two.

Birthday # 1: Tita Nora, April 20
Tita Nora is my aunt, my mom's sister. We went out for dinner at TriNoma. They let me decide where to go.... so i chose Max's Fried Chicken... YUMMY!

Birthday # 2: Ogie, April 20
Ogie is Lloyd's cousin. The gathering/party/dinner was in their house in Tondo. It will surely finish late since they (the boys) will still drink, so we just went there after our dinner out for Tita Nora's birthday.

Birthday # 3: My Dad, April 23
I thought dad's already 55! Hihihi, one year to go pa pala.
At first I thought there'd be a party in Bulacan, because it's also my cousin's birthday. But I guess they all got lazy with the preparation and the cooking and the cleaning, so no party. The family just went to Greenbelt 5 and had dinner at John and Yoko.

Birthday # 4: Lloyd's Dad, April 25

It's supposed to be a party, with food catering and all. But since Inang passed away, there was a change of plan. They cancelled the caterer, but not the venue. It was a pool party in Las Pinas with the family and a few friends.

Now we're back in Singapore... and I'm back to blogging. :)

I'm on a "Break"

I won't be blogging for a while (But if there's something I want to blog about that can't wait, then I'll blog about it. hihihi!). I'm a bit busy coz my sisters are here for a visit. They've been here before, but they want to try out more Singaporean food. :)

Till my next post!

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