Home Sweet Home

I love watching home makeover shows on TV. There are shows showing how they had their homes designed or renovated. There are some homes with very small space area but the owners were able to minimize the space with the designs and arrangements they use.

We bought the house two years ago, a few months after we got married. When we bought it, the first thing I wanted is a nice and spacious kitchen. It’s a very small house, two floors with one toilet and two small bedrooms. The original design of the kitchen is it’s together with the dining room, and right beside the toilet’s door. There is a big enough space at the back of the house, for the garden and laundry area. We had the whole house renovated. We had the back area made into a kitchen and laundry area. For the inside of the house, we just had the floor changed – new tiles to the toilet, new floorings to the living/dining room and bedrooms. New wall paints as well. I enjoyed having our house renovated… looking at wall paint, the different floor designs, the tiles for the toilet, and the tiles and kitchen sinks for the kitchen/laundry area.

The house we bought was under a bank’s housing loan. And… we were finally able to finish paying it! We got the title and the deed already, and the house is under our name! I’m so happy with our little home sweet home…


alinapot 7/08/2009 11:48 PM  

great news! congrats! obviously, it's only now that i'm catching up on your blog :)

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