The Laptop Accident

Yesterday afternoon, while I was washing the dishes and Lloyd was watching the TV, I heard a loud blag... something fell. I thought at first it was just the TV's remote control, but the sound came from a heavy object.

When I checked where that sound came from, it was my laptop! The laptop was on our sofa's armrest (the armrest is around 6inches wide). Lloyd tripped on the cable and the laptop was dragged down.

The laptop's still working, but the plastic board cover thing at the bottom protruded or got lose from its lock. So Lloyd unscrewed the back and set everything straight.

Good thing he was able to fix it and the laptop's still working well. Otherwise I'd demand he buy me a new one!


Steroids UK 3/03/2010 3:35 PM  

you're soo lucky the screen didn't crack, I've killed two laptops once tripping over the cord, and once by walking off with the mouse in my hand :-(

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