My Blog's PR is not Zero

While visiting some blogs today, I noticed a blog's PR... it's zero. And this is what it looks like in my Google Toolbar

As you can see, it says that the PageRank is 0/10.

After seeing that, I checked my blog again, and saw this

No PageRank information available. So it's not zero ... it's worst!!

If you'll notice, the PageRank bar for my blog is empty, while the other blog is shaded white. For some, the PageRank bar has a green color, indicating the PageRank of the site. An example of this is my other blog The Foodie's Food Trip with PR1

huhuhu... what to do... what to do...?!

Dress Up Your Firefox Browser

I'm a Firefox user. I seldom use Internet Explorer when surfing the web.

I recently updated my Firefox browser to the latest version. After updating it, the browser would usually open a new browser informing you of updates and new features in Firefox. I checked out Mozilla's blog and read about Personas. It's a way to dress up your web browser, just like a desktop wallpaper.

I installed it immediately and tried out the different designs in their gallery. My browser now looks like this:
Isn't it cute? :D

I've tried another cute design, but it looks like there were too much clutter and I can't see my toolbars & menus anymore, that's why I settled to this cute and simple design. :)

Visit Personas for Firefox and try it out yourself.

By the way, you might think this is an ad... it's not. I just want to share a new discovery. :D

Hannah's New Photos and Videos

My goddaughter Hannah who has CCHS is growing up well. She's 22 months old now.

She has new photos and videos in her blog. Super cute! She can stand and walk on her own now. You have to watch the videos... she dances too!

Below is the description/caption from Hannah's new photos:

It's been a while since I've posted photos of Hannah. Quite has happened since the time I blogged about Hannah's new vent.

She's had feeding issues for a couple of months and lost a considerable amount of weight because of it (as you can see in some of her photos below). We took her to a Pediatrician-Gastro Internist and told us to give her probiotics (in powder form) to address her digestion/indigestion problem (although I suggested to the doctor that Hannah's new milk formula may be causing whatever problem there was). A day after giving Hannah the probiotic powder (May 5, 2009), she became irritable and suddenly went into seizure. Joan and I had to rush her to the hospital and was admitted to the ICU to undergo tests on her brain and her heart. By God's grace, all her tests showed normal results. We switched her back to her old milk formula and stopped giving her the probiotics. As it turns out, Hannah's new milk formula was the culprit for her feeding issues and the probiotics had an adverse effect on her which triggered her seizure. She's now quickly gaining the weight she lost and also back to her very happy and giggly self.
You can check out Hannah's photos HERE and the videos HERE (first two videos are the latest).

Happy Birthday M!!

Today is Lloyd's 30th birthday! Weee! The BIG 3-0! hihihihi :D
The in-laws are here to celebrate his birthday with us. We'll be going out for lunch later. Afterwards we'll go to Plaza Singapura after, because Gretchen Barreto is here for the Philippine Independence Day celebration held here in Singapore. After that... we'll see hihihi :D


Nurses and Doctors in the Family

I have a lot of relatives who took up nursing, my brother and sister included. I have two aunts and a cousin who are now registered nurses. I also have an aunt, my dad’s sister, and her husband who are doctors.

I remember when they, my brother and my sister, were still studying and doing these late-night shifts as interns, they looked really tired. And their shift is not constantly at night, or morning. It changes every week (or was it two weeks?) and it really ruined their body clock… changing their work hours every now and then. That already is tiring.

Oh, and did I mention the books they read? Oh my! I remember when I was still a kid I’d see my aunt, my dad’s sister, reading these thick and heavy books!

I recently discovered this online magazine called Scrubs. If they’ve read the articles here, it would really help them a lot.

I read an article, about waking up younger. This is somewhat impossible if you’re a nurse or a doctor. But there are 5 helpful tips here that would really help them wake up and not look so stressed up. Two of the five tips here are very important in my opinion: get clean before sleeping, and moisturize.

Let’s talk about their fashion sense. What do they wear: scrubs and only scrubs. But lately I’ve seen a lot of nurses wearing scrubs in cartoon prints. So it’s not as boring as it should be. :)

I’d better pass out this website to them because it would really help them in the simplest way possible in their work.


Single Ladies by Beyonce

I've watched the music video of Single Ladies by Beyonce. And wow... she can dance and sing at the same time! And the moves... oh my!

I've watched other versions of the Single Ladies' dance. Here's one by Joe Jonas.

Another one I like a lot and made me laugh my heart out is Justin Timberlake's version when he was a guest in SNL. The video below is when Beyonce was a guest in Ellen DeGeneres' show, and she was being interviewed about Justin's version of Single Ladies.

I do hope you've watched that SNL episode because it was really funny!

The best version so far is Shane Mercado's. I loooove his version!! Better than Beyonce? hihihi!

Shopping While Working

There is one thing that women love to do... shopping. May it be online shopping or going to the mall and shop, it doesn't matter... as long as they shop.

Here's something new: shopping as work. Well, who wouldn't want that? I would! :)

There is a new business that has been a success in Europe for the past three years. This business opportunity is now in the US, wherein you Work From Home and Shop.

Dubli uses a Reverse Auction - when buyers bid, the price of the product goes down. You are therefore guaranteed that you always get the lowest price. You earn from all these by becoming a Dubli Business Associate. Easy, right? :)

Now you can stay at home, shop till you drop, and still earn the extra income. :)

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Money, Money, Money!

I've heard (or more of read) of GPT or "Get Paid To" sites from my online buddies. GPT sites are sites that you join and they pay you for taking surveys, reading emails, clicking on ads, blogging, etc.

Some people would know this as PTC or "Paid To Click" sites. These are usually sites wherein you get paid for clicking on ads.

I've joined a few of GPTs and some are okay and I have proof (or personally know someone who has proof) that they're legit, and there are also some scam sites... and yes I am a victim of one. Most of these sites use PayPal as their payment option.

Anyway, below are some of the GPTs I've joined (excluding getting paid to write reviews):

1. MyLot - is a site where members get paid to start discussions or post replies/comments to current discussions. I've joined this two years ago.

So far I have less than USD2.00 hihihi :D Why so small? Because I seldom join discussions. Actually I seldom login to MyLot. But I know someone who got paid already by MyLot. :) She logs in everyday and respond to (or start) more than one discussion per day. So if you love replying/commenting to discussions, this is the right site for you.

2. EmailCashPro - I've heard/read of this for a long time (more than three years ago), but only decided to join two years ago. It's a GPT site in Singapore (also now available in other countries - Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, etc) wherein you get paid to read emails. For each email you read, you get 1 point. The points you earn will then be converted to cash credits at the end of the month.

This would be more productive and you can earn more if you have a lot of referrals. I only have one or two, so I earn less.

3. ClixSense - I just registered to this last week, despite the fact that I've heard of this since last year. This is a PTC site. You login to ClixSense, and you click on the ads on their list.

I also personally know someone who got her payout already from ClixSense. Wish me luck with this... :D

4. Pay2Surf - This is also a PTC site. I joined this last year and I wouldn't bother sharing the link because this is a scam! I reached $40 already and they never paid me! I stopped checking out the site when I still haven't received the payment one month after I requested for the payment. tsk tsk...

5. Get paid to write reviews - I'll just include this in one item, and just list down the ones I've joined.

You earn from these sites by writing reviews in your blog. The sites that I've joined (and got paid already) are:

I've joined 2-3 more of these, but never got any opportunities from them. If you love blogging and this is your past-time, then this is the right one for you. I've actually earned a few dollars from these sites (mostly from PayPerPost).

Visit their websites to learn more about these sites. I believe there's no harm joining, plus there's not much effort to earn from these GPT sites (well, except for MyLot :D). And if you have a lot of referrals, you earn a lot more! Just be careful when sharing personal information. :D

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