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I've heard (or more of read) of GPT or "Get Paid To" sites from my online buddies. GPT sites are sites that you join and they pay you for taking surveys, reading emails, clicking on ads, blogging, etc.

Some people would know this as PTC or "Paid To Click" sites. These are usually sites wherein you get paid for clicking on ads.

I've joined a few of GPTs and some are okay and I have proof (or personally know someone who has proof) that they're legit, and there are also some scam sites... and yes I am a victim of one. Most of these sites use PayPal as their payment option.

Anyway, below are some of the GPTs I've joined (excluding getting paid to write reviews):

1. MyLot - is a site where members get paid to start discussions or post replies/comments to current discussions. I've joined this two years ago.

So far I have less than USD2.00 hihihi :D Why so small? Because I seldom join discussions. Actually I seldom login to MyLot. But I know someone who got paid already by MyLot. :) She logs in everyday and respond to (or start) more than one discussion per day. So if you love replying/commenting to discussions, this is the right site for you.

2. EmailCashPro - I've heard/read of this for a long time (more than three years ago), but only decided to join two years ago. It's a GPT site in Singapore (also now available in other countries - Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, etc) wherein you get paid to read emails. For each email you read, you get 1 point. The points you earn will then be converted to cash credits at the end of the month.

This would be more productive and you can earn more if you have a lot of referrals. I only have one or two, so I earn less.

3. ClixSense - I just registered to this last week, despite the fact that I've heard of this since last year. This is a PTC site. You login to ClixSense, and you click on the ads on their list.

I also personally know someone who got her payout already from ClixSense. Wish me luck with this... :D

4. Pay2Surf - This is also a PTC site. I joined this last year and I wouldn't bother sharing the link because this is a scam! I reached $40 already and they never paid me! I stopped checking out the site when I still haven't received the payment one month after I requested for the payment. tsk tsk...

5. Get paid to write reviews - I'll just include this in one item, and just list down the ones I've joined.

You earn from these sites by writing reviews in your blog. The sites that I've joined (and got paid already) are:

I've joined 2-3 more of these, but never got any opportunities from them. If you love blogging and this is your past-time, then this is the right one for you. I've actually earned a few dollars from these sites (mostly from PayPerPost).

Visit their websites to learn more about these sites. I believe there's no harm joining, plus there's not much effort to earn from these GPT sites (well, except for MyLot :D). And if you have a lot of referrals, you earn a lot more! Just be careful when sharing personal information. :D


Joanne MV 6/01/2009 4:42 AM  

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my site :)

I'm also into paid blogging and happy that I get opps most of the time.

Femmepower 6/02/2009 1:40 AM  

these are legit companies and i can vouch for them except for smorty which never showed me any opps since i joined a long time ago.
with blogsvertise, sponsored reviews and payperpost, i made over $130 last month.

janis 6/02/2009 2:18 AM  

Joanne MV - me too. i've earned a few bucks already, latest i got was from PPP. thanks for dropping by :)

Femmepower - it's also been months since i got opps from smorty. sponsoredreviews.... i never got any opps as well despite all my bids.
with blogsvertise, i've only done 1 review for them... any tips?

jeng 6/02/2009 2:50 AM  

Hi Janis, regarding CDs, I have inquired sa BPI, Banco De Oro and Metrobank. So far, Metrobank has the highest rate for CDs among the three.

thet 6/03/2009 11:57 PM  

hi janis,

there from w@w here..i saw your post regarding pagerank.

actually ako last year nasa PR4 ang blog pero bigla ding naging zero. sabi nila galit daw ang google sa mga paid blogs. hehehe. kaya lipat ako wordpress. pero 0 pa rin PR ngaun eh wala namang paid post kaya di ko talaga ma-gets pano sistema nila. add kita sa links ko ha!

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