Nurses and Doctors in the Family

I have a lot of relatives who took up nursing, my brother and sister included. I have two aunts and a cousin who are now registered nurses. I also have an aunt, my dad’s sister, and her husband who are doctors.

I remember when they, my brother and my sister, were still studying and doing these late-night shifts as interns, they looked really tired. And their shift is not constantly at night, or morning. It changes every week (or was it two weeks?) and it really ruined their body clock… changing their work hours every now and then. That already is tiring.

Oh, and did I mention the books they read? Oh my! I remember when I was still a kid I’d see my aunt, my dad’s sister, reading these thick and heavy books!

I recently discovered this online magazine called Scrubs. If they’ve read the articles here, it would really help them a lot.

I read an article, about waking up younger. This is somewhat impossible if you’re a nurse or a doctor. But there are 5 helpful tips here that would really help them wake up and not look so stressed up. Two of the five tips here are very important in my opinion: get clean before sleeping, and moisturize.

Let’s talk about their fashion sense. What do they wear: scrubs and only scrubs. But lately I’ve seen a lot of nurses wearing scrubs in cartoon prints. So it’s not as boring as it should be. :)

I’d better pass out this website to them because it would really help them in the simplest way possible in their work.



mommy jac 6/09/2009 11:19 AM  

Thank you for the links.I hope that it would help me also because this past few days I become so sleep-deprived from waking up in the middle of the night.Oh life it's difficult and I was irritable.

janis 6/09/2009 3:27 PM  

hi mommy jac,
yeah, i think even us who are not in the medical field will benefit from the tips in the website :)

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