Single Ladies by Beyonce

I've watched the music video of Single Ladies by Beyonce. And wow... she can dance and sing at the same time! And the moves... oh my!

I've watched other versions of the Single Ladies' dance. Here's one by Joe Jonas.

Another one I like a lot and made me laugh my heart out is Justin Timberlake's version when he was a guest in SNL. The video below is when Beyonce was a guest in Ellen DeGeneres' show, and she was being interviewed about Justin's version of Single Ladies.

I do hope you've watched that SNL episode because it was really funny!

The best version so far is Shane Mercado's. I loooove his version!! Better than Beyonce? hihihi!


G 6/09/2009 6:29 AM  

aliw ito sis! better version nga si shane mercado hehehe

janis 6/09/2009 6:57 AM  

hi G,

d ba aliw? hihihi!

thet 6/12/2009 4:49 PM  

my baby boy loves this song too. ang mga 'fairy god mothers' ni baby did the DREAMGRILS presentation for our xmas party last year. This year, karir to the max daw ang single ladies...LOL

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