Hubby's Weird Dream

Hubby had a weird dream two nights ago (more of very early yesterday morning). It's not creepy weird... it's funny weird. :)

I suddenly woke up because I felt him holding my face and pulling it to his face to kiss me.

Honestly speaking it's sweet. But if he's really awake and I'm really asleep, he wouldn't pull my face to his because that would definitely wake me up. Instead he would just go to me to kiss me.

When I woke up, I already knew he was still asleep. I was already smiling because it was so funny! I touched his shoulder and shook it a bit. He woke up and said "huh? bakit?" then he went back to sleep.

When we woke up that morning, I asked him about it and he said he can't remember. What the hell was his dream?! hihihi!

Some Vacation Updates

We're having such gloomy weather these past few days, making me want to just curl up in bed.

Lloyd is out. He went to the gym. Me, as I said I feel so lazy so I'm left here home alone.

So other than this gloomy weather resulting to a gloomy feeling, here are some updates:

  • We are planning for a 3-week vacation in the US on September, and we already booked our tickets already. Now, the problem we're having is the itinerary when we get there. Why? Because we have a lot of people to meet and places to go to.

    We're trying to fit everything in three weeks and it's definitely not enough. We don't have a choice, Lloyd can only get 3 weeks vacation from work. Actually, 3 weeks is a lot already. My friend was so jealous because she can't get that much vacation in one go. :)

  • Our friends are planning to go to Bintan for a quick vacation. We're planning to go there during the long weekend this coming August.

    Bintan is an island, a beach resort, in Indonesia. It's our first time to go there so we're all very excited.

  • The in-laws will be visiting again on Friday. And there will be a lot of them, not just Lloyd's parents! There's Lloyd's sister, his 4 aunts and his 2 cousins. Why are they visiting? One of Lloyd's aunt is a balikbayan from Abu Dhabi. They're also planning to go to Malaysia while they're here.

Vacation vacation! :D

My Exercise Buddies

Guess what I bought...

A hula hoop! Hihihi!

When Marisa Tomei was a guest in Ellen DeGeneres' show, she said that her exercise regimen is to use the hula hoop everyday. And she really did it on the show. She can even text while doing it.

So now, I want to try out the hula hoop exercise. We'll see if it's effective.

By the way, the blue yoga mat is something I bought a long time ago. I think I've used it less than five times at home. My plan was to bring the mat to the gym whenever I attend yoga classes. But I don't have a bag/carrier for it, and if I carry it as is, it's too big and bulky for me. So it's just here at home, accumulating dust.

Hopefully I won't be lazy to exercise at home.

Medical ID Bracelets Can Save Lives

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Medical ID jewelries are jewelries engraved with the person's medical condition like heart disease, food allergies, diabetes. These jewelries will be a big help in case of emergency. For example, a person allergic to penicillin gets unconscious and will not be able to speak for himself/herself. The doctors and nurses will immediately know that that person cannot be given penicillin, avoiding medical errors.

Jewelries available are bracelets, pendants and dog tags. Bracelets are available in stainless steel, colored aluminum and leather. Dog tags are available in colored aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Pendants are available in stainless steel and pewter.

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Restaurant City

When I started playing Restaurant City, I got so addicted to it that logging in to RC is the first thing I do in the morning, and the last thing I'd do before I go to sleep. Restaurant City (or RC) is an application in Facebook.

I go to Restaurant City forums, visit blogs and researched a lot of stuffs so that my restaurant can level up faster. One of the techniques I've learned is the waiter should only make at most 3 steps from the cooks to the customers. The best restaurant layout for this is the island layout, wherein the waiter is surrounded by (more of enclosed within) the tables and the stoves.

Eventually, when I got level 10 dishes (one for appetizer, one for main and one for dessert), I've reached my goal. I lessened my time logging in to RC.

I still log in to RC everyday, but I'm not that addicted anymore. I've rearranged my restaurant, removed the island layout and make it look a bit like a realistic restaurant, and it still reaches Level 50.0. :)

While typing this blog entry, my restaurant just reached level 27, the maximum level! :)

Chris Daughtry Singing Poker Face

I saw this on earlier. It was Chris Daughtry singing Lady Gaga's Poker Face. It's actually a very nice acoustic version.

This is not the exact link he sent (also not the same one in Chris Daughtry's twitter), but this is the one in YouTube I can embed here. hihihihi.

The original link sent out in Twitter is THIS. You can also check out Chris Daughtry's Twitter account.

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