Restaurant City

When I started playing Restaurant City, I got so addicted to it that logging in to RC is the first thing I do in the morning, and the last thing I'd do before I go to sleep. Restaurant City (or RC) is an application in Facebook.

I go to Restaurant City forums, visit blogs and researched a lot of stuffs so that my restaurant can level up faster. One of the techniques I've learned is the waiter should only make at most 3 steps from the cooks to the customers. The best restaurant layout for this is the island layout, wherein the waiter is surrounded by (more of enclosed within) the tables and the stoves.

Eventually, when I got level 10 dishes (one for appetizer, one for main and one for dessert), I've reached my goal. I lessened my time logging in to RC.

I still log in to RC everyday, but I'm not that addicted anymore. I've rearranged my restaurant, removed the island layout and make it look a bit like a realistic restaurant, and it still reaches Level 50.0. :)

While typing this blog entry, my restaurant just reached level 27, the maximum level! :)


Badet 7/06/2009 8:01 AM  

I play Restaurant City too! This also got me addicted at one point, now it's my husband's turn. We even bought a wireless router so we could play at the same time... hehe...

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