The Morning Rush

Do you listen to The Morning Rush? If not, well you're missing a lot.

The Morning Rush - a show/segment in a radio station in the Philippines (RX 93.1), hosted by Chico Garcia and Delamar. The show is on air on weekdays 6:00-10:00 AM and every last Saturday of the month 6:00-9:00 AM.

What's so special about their show? The Top Ten. The DJs will pick a topic for the day and announce it at the start of the show. The topics can be serious at times, but most of the time they are funny. Sample Top Ten topics:

  • Taray Quotes
  • Quotes that have inspired you
  • Things to say if an ugly person asks, "Well, how do I look?"
Lloyd and I would usually listen to it on our way to work when we were still working in in the Philippines. I'd usually get to work before 8:30am, while the show is still on. So I'd turn on my cellphone's FM radio and listen to it while at work (that time The Morning Rush was until 9am only).

Now that I'm so far away, I still listen to them! Whenever I wake up early (and not sleep again after Lloyd leaves), I'd listen to RX 93.1's live streaming thru their website or thru e-Radio Portal. Otherwise, I'd download (podcast or download the MP3) that day's show from Blue Ritz's blog Chico and Delamar's Top 10.

If you'd rather not listen to the whole show and just want to read snippets of the Top 10, you can check out Chico's blog. He posts entries from previous months (yeah... months old. tsk tsk...).

Here's one of my favorite Top 10 - The Top Ten “Swallow Me Whole” Moments. Favorite entry: #10 by Niknokniknoknik. Still makes me laugh every time I read (or listen to) it!


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