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Clean-up and Sort Time

Since we got back home from our vacation, I've been cleaning up the house and arranging our gifts and souvenirs to family and friends. I'm also sorting out stuffs we bought and stuffs given to us. All I can say is... I'm still not finished!

I've sorted them out a bit - which ones are for family, which ones are for friends, and which ones are for us (hubby's & mine). But they're still a mess.

Checking out our purchaces and gifts we've received, I realized I got a few perfumes and lotions. We got a D&G Light Blue his & hers perfumes as a gift from my grandmother's friend. I love that scent! I've been using it since the perfume came out. I also want to buy some more perfumes and body splashes when I was in the US but I didn't. I still have a few perfumes & colognes at home, and all of them are more than half-full. Good thing I'm not into online perfume and would rather smell the scent before buying, otherwise I'd have a drawer full of perfumes! hihi!

Better continue with my sorting so I can start cleaning up the house.

Back from Vacation

I'm back! After three long weeks of tiring yet worth it vacay! :)

Still a bit jet-lagged - feels sleepy by 7 or 8pm, and wakes up around 6 or 7 am. Our first day back was worst... hubby woke up around 1am and just forced himself to sleep again, then that night by 6pm we both looked like we haven't slept for days!

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