Christmas Tree - Phase 2

Hmmm.... something's missing....

I don't know what but it looks and feels incomplete...

Christmas Tree - Phase 1

Christmas is near! It'll be December next week! Time to do some Christmas decorating at home.

I've assigned Lloyd the task to get the Christmas tree from the storage room and set it up in the living room. He was able to remove it from its box last night (while working at home!). This morning, while waiting for our pork sinigang to cook, I started removing some of the lights attached to the tree.

The tree we bought three years ago already comes with Christmas lights attached around the tree. The second section of the lights were not working anymore (since last year), so this year I decided to remove them.

Starting tomorrow I'll be looking for some new Christmas lights to put on our tree. I already got our Christmas ornaments out of the storage room, waiting for their day to shine again. :)

Wazzup - The Hair and The Oven

I had a haircut done a few weeks ago when I was in the Philippines. It's shoulder-length, layered. Since I'm the wash-and-wear-hair type of person, I've realized I got the wrong haircut. I had flyaway hair before I had it layered, but it's not that obvious and ugly to look at, plus I can just tie it up anytime. Now that it's layered, the flyaway hair is all over! Tikwas tikwas go away!!! Before I can just dry up my hair using the electric fan. Now... that just won't do. The solution... I bought a blow dryer. I haven't used it yet, because I just got it yesterday. :)

Another thing I did while I was in the Philippines was bake! I don't have an oven here in the apartment, so when I was in the Philippines, I baked and baked and baked! Since I got back, Hubby finally agreed to buy me an oven! Check out my Baking Escapades blog post for more details. :)

Vacation's Over

I'm back from my vacation... again! :) This time vacation's really over. My next vacation is not so soon... maybe middle of next year.

Since I'm back to blogging (oh how I missed it!), I'll be making some changes to my blog. Still thinking of changing my layout, but might not do that because I love my blog's layout. I might interchange some columns here and there... depends on my mood hihi!

One major thing that will change is... I've decided to remove Entrecard from my blogs - Journal of Thoughts and The Foodie's Food Trip. It's something I've been thinking of for months... yes, MONTHS, not weeks or days. And I've finally decided to do it.

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